Thursday, May 14, 2009

8_Ike and Ginger – Toward the North

“Sleep well?”

Ike sat at a desk surrounded by papers, a single narrow light shining down on the masses of maps and books and a cup of coffee.

Ginger stirred and tapped the empty bottle of wine.

“Where are we?”

“From what I can access, just south of the Carolina's.” Ike replied smiling and picking up the cup of steam.

Ginger sat up wiping her eyes and letting the silken covers fall off her glistening body sparkled by the sunlight through the portholes. She looked to the left and saw a cup of tea while positioning her body into a yoga pose.

“With honey?”

“Of course my queen.”

“How long have you been up….er…..awake.” Ginger smiled and sipped the tea. “It’s perfect.”

“I woke before the sunrise and decided to read. I want to find out who the skipper of the Dusty Rose was and where they were headed.”

Ginger stretched touching the roof of the room and yawned.

“It seems the captain of this vessel before we came aboard was a scientist and computer wizard named Manard.”


“Yes, these guys us only one name. “

“These guys?” Ginger asked getting into a lotus position. “The tea is good, thanks.”

“Looks like Manard acquired the Dusty Rose for the purpose of going to this island off of Florida. He was on a mission.”

“For what?” Ginger slipped from the softness of the pillows to the rocking room. “Oh”, she slid into the wall. “I guess I had a lot of that wine.”

“You had a lot of everything.” Ike smiled turned another page.

“Where are my clothes?” she asked rubbing her eyes against the blinding morning sun. “Oh, here is a pile.”

“Manard was a scientist and computer whiz. I wonder where the computer is?” Ike looked up with a questioned look. “I did find some thumb drives, but have nothing to plug them into.”

“What is there to eat?” Ginger said zipping up her spring dress and picking up the empty wine bottles. “Where was the party?”

“Here.” Ike responded. “There are bagels and cream cheese on the counter. I’ve already eaten.”

Ginger walked past lifting one of the bottles as if to whack his head only to lower it with a smile.

“Manard was looking for something, but I can’t figure what happened. He and his computer seemed to have vanished, but everything else is the same. He appears from the readings to be a genius. He is on a quest, but I don’t know why or for what?”

Ginger reenters the room wiping the cream cheese from her lips. “What makes this guy have a pink sailboat?”

“The Dusty Rose, a 42 foot slope with a single sail, was painted pink for his first lover. He writes in this journal that he had a long lost love that cherished roses. So when he acquired this vessel, he painted it pink and installed a pink sail and named it the “Dusty Rose” for her.

“Nice story.” Ginger said sitting on a footstool. “Now what?”

“From the drawings and sketches and scribbles, we should probably be going in the other direction.”


“But I think we were already there and there is a bigger problem we must solve. Where is everyone and everything?”

“So where do we go first?” a crumb of bagel falling to the floor.

Ike pointed to the map. “Wilmington.”

Ginger looked over his shoulder and viewed the base of the North Carolina coast.

“Isn’t that place that all the hurricanes hit?”

“We will be there tomorrow.”

Ike folds the maps, standing and walking into the galley. He picks up a cup of steaming coffee and climbs the steps to the wheel. Sitting he faces the bow and the darkness arising over the horizon.

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TripleG said...

Uh oh...I think I know who Manard is. Proceed with caution, Ike.