Thursday, June 11, 2009

12_Ike and Ginger- The Map


Ike stirred and rolled over in the crumpled mass of pillows and covers.

“What….? What are you talking about?” he said rubbing his eyes against the blur of light.
“ I think I’ve discovered a clue about our “skipper” Maynard.”

“Do we have any coffee?” Ike stood bumping his head on the ceiling. “Ow!”

“I was looking thru the miscellaneous pile of books and things in that hidden panel we discovered and found a notebook of drawings and a copy of all things “Knitting Patterns”.

Ike started sipping on the warm cup mumbled through his blurry hangover, “What? What knitting’s?”

“ Someone was working on a sweater and incorporating clues into the pattern of the sweater.
“What?” Ike mumbled eyes starting to wake up while rubbing his head.

“Much like the quilts that slaves would hang out as messages to the underground railroad slaves.”

“What are you talking about Ginger?”

He knew she was excited about her find and was curious as to where she was going with this, “ What sweater?”

“The one I intend to finish.”


“ It looks like there is enough yarn here and seems in pretty good shape. No moths have gotten into that cedar box it was folded into so you work on your clues and don’t dismiss me.”


“Let me show you what I’m talking about.” Ginger stirred through the piles of papers she had assembled.

“See this is a list of patterns and what they mean – if I follow the pattern in my knitting the mystery will unravel.”

“OK”, Ike sat up interested in the information that Ginger was presenting, “ What are the patterns? What do they mean?”

“Well, according to this I believe this sweater was going to be a “fisherman’s Guernsey” in a cable and cross over pattern and it looks lie its incorporating about 8 different patterns – I just have to figure out the pattern and see where I end up.” Ginger pointed out the weave.

“See these cables here represent fishing ropes."

Ike viewed the patterns through blured eyes.

“These diamonds shapes are fishing nets, the mesh in the net”


Ginger continued her explanation, “This honeycomb pattern represents “worker bees”.


“You should recognize the “moss stitch” Ginger said, “I used this to make you the scarf our 1st anniversary together. I’ll called the “poor man’s wealth” which I used to show you don’t need a lot of money. It also represents the local mosses.”

“Do we have any breakfast?” Ike said staring at Ginger.

“This “trellis” pattern shows a small field fenced with stones.”

Ike turned and went into the gallery.

“This “zigzag” represents lightning or mountain paths.”

“Yeah, OK.” Ike grabbed a slice of bread and bet it in half.

“This is the “tree of life or Fenn Stitch”.

“OK” Ike muffled dropping crumbs on the deck.

“Still researching that one.”

“So what do we make of this discovery?” Ike questioned with disdain.

“Ah, the “Trinity Stitch”. Religious significance.”

“You keep checking, I’m going up and check our course to Norfolk.” Ike stumbled up the slippery step to the deck above.

Ginger continued to research her quest with intensity and meaning turning additional pages and writing cumulus notes, while Ike settled into the captain’s set and awoke in the night air.

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