Sunday, September 13, 2009

18_Ike and Ginger_To Maine

Ginger lay face down on the deck sunning her back as the bow splashed Cool Ocean water over her in a mist. Ike sat back in the captains seat watching the sail fluff, checking the position of the sun and using his watch as a compass. Examining the horizon Ike turns the rudder. As the Dusty Rose cut through the waves, a wash of salty water sweeps over the desk.

“Hey!” Ginger picks up her head and wipes off her face. “Watch it buster.”

“Sorry, but the seas are getting rough” Ike slyly responded.

Ginger sat up and turned back to Ike. She sipped from a tall glass of liquid that had been secured on the deck against the erratic course and asked, “Why Maine?”

Ike lowered his sunglasses and stared at Ginger with a sly grin. She stopped and returned the stare with a questioned face. The two froze in this strange communication until Ginger looked down and started to laugh.

“You mean these?” she smiles and did a little shimmy shaking off the salt water and dew.

Ike continued to stare and smile.

“What?” her voice becoming excited. “It’s not like you have seen these before!”

Ike continued to stare and lowered his sunglasses.

Ginger looked to the horizon and back again, and then shyly reached for a towel. “It’s not like anyone else is around.” She wrapped the towel around her and replied to Ike’s leer, “Well…. why Maine?”

“Going to see Blackie” Ike replied placing his sunglasses back on and returning his stare to the horizon.

“Blackie? You mean that crazy cousin of yours”

Ike just turned the rudder and tighten the sail.

“That crazy guy who threw you out of a plane? You want to go see that goof ball who dropped you to the ocean floor with too much weight?”

“Yes, the wild guy who taught me how to surf.” Ike quietly replied.

“Why him?” Ginger questioned as she slid next to him in the captain’s cabin.

“Blackie can find ways to get out of anything and besides he is very high up in the secret organizations of the government, so if anyone has communication…. it’s Blackie.”

“I think you are crazy going all the way up the coast when we should be finding some of those boats out at sea.” Ginger looked at the vacant horizon.

“We haven’t seen much so far, so I figure this is a good chance to get more information.”

They both sat for an hour watching the sun more across the sky and the waves get higher.

“The waters getting rougher and the air is cooler and we still have a day or so to get to the Deer Isle.” Said Ike whipping the foam from his face. “Why don’t you go below and examine that sweater map you found?”

“You want anything to eat?” Ginger asked before lowering her wet body below the deck.

“Not right now.” Ike replied checking his watch. “I’ll be down later to get something to eat.”

Ginger stepped down into the darkness and answered, “ Yes, I bet you will. You better be hungry.”

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