Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sleeping on a New Bed

To some, a bed is just another piece of furniture, but a bed is almost a personal friend.

Rooms are named after the bed. There is no chair-room or table-room, but every home has at least one bedroom.

They are quiet dark places with only the most intimate reactions take place by couples. There is even special clothing to be worn on the bed.

On the bed is where you start your day and on the bed is where you finish your night.

The bed gives comfort to the sick, a gathering spot for families on Christmas, and a platform for incredible pleasure.

The bed may be the most important piece of furniture one purchases. More time is spent on the bed than anywhere else.

Our dreams and sometimes hopes rely on the bed being comfortable and a haven for relaxing.

On the bed, couples tell their most vulnerable secrets that no one else will ever know. The bed offers a safe haven for holding on to one another, sharing the same breath, sometimes bringing out horrible noises and performing bodily functions that would never be accepting in other locations.

A simple wooden box woven with metal springs and wrapped in soft material has become the treasured location for our body to rest yet out minds continue to sort our emotions, memories, anxieties into dreams.

Laying down and closing our eyes either by time of day or exhaustion our bodies go into an altered state.
Perhaps the darkness will bring rejuvenation and a blissful feeling welcoming a new dawn. Perhaps the act of sleeping only torments the body to uneasy tossing and struggling through nightmares.

When traveling, a hotel room is nothing more than an elaborate bedroom. There are no reservations for the firmness of the bed, only the size. Sheets that may have been cleaned cover a bed that hundreds have laid on before you.

In our youth we are given a bed to grow up on. Once to large to fit in a protective caged crib, we are taught to “make up” our bed every morning. A night we resist going into a dark room where frightful things may be lurking. Beds are where books are read to us by our parents to inspire the mind to dream of pirates, unicorns, and fairies.

The purchasing of a bed is much like buying a car. Lots of models and price ranges, but they are all made the same. This one is too soft. This one is too hard. This one is just right.

My first bed, in this home, was the bed I had as a child. The bed was one of two that was transformed by my father from two singles to bunk beds. The bed traveled with me through my first apartment in college resting on the floor. This bed went back to my parents when my first wife and I decided we needed more space between us. When that space increased, I gave her the bed and went back to my ole childhood friend. After a few years, I decided to move to a larger bedroom and a larger bed. Then one bed became two beds stacked up on top of each other only a few feet from the ceiling. Every room in the house was tried and tested as a bedroom until one matched the size and space needed for two people. To celebrate, a larger bed was purchased.

A brand new top-of-the-line bed with softness and space for the expanding family was placed as directed and assembled. The bed became the location for Sunday morning coffee and television, the quiet place during illnesses, a scratching post and finally a crash pad for long nights outside.

So now I can check off an item that has been on the to-do list for over two years. Tonight I will try to sleep on the new member of the household while the other cushion where she died is carted away.

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