Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ban the…

Remember all those demonstrations we most righteous kids did back in the day. We were told of the dangers and walked the streets carrying signs only to get beat back and tear-gassed. The cause was valid but could not be sustained and fell apart under an organized energy platform and governmental fear mongers. Other countries soon produced these weapons of mass destruction and we all held our breath.
Energy production went on with a few glitches and now all our electronic devices suck up as much as they can get. Luckily, the indescribable destructive instruments have not been used again, yet…?
Today the protest is against smaller weapons. Closer to home and easily understandable by the masses are the mass killings taking place on our planet. A single individual can purchase or procure enough firepower to take out an elementary school.
Everyone is up in arms (pardon) with outrage against the available arsenal of deadly weapons that can be obtained and used against another. Where only a few decades ago this barbaric mentality produced the Wild West and everyone strapped on a sidepiece.

Oh, then there is the second amendment.


“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
I’m not going to deal with semantics here because as I read it, today there are short sleeve shirts and everyone has the right to bare arms.
Everyday the news is filled with robberies and car jackings and rapes and murders and other senseless violence escalated by the easy availability of handguns.
Whether legally licensed or purchased at a gun show or handed down from a family member or stolen, the handgun has become the equalizer.  Just like the ole West, this deadly weapon can be worn proudly in a holster or tucked away in a sock or the back of the pants or in a pocket. Where a shout out or fist fight might have solved problems before, now it is a shoot out.
Look at the faces of those who are named “criminals” and will spend time and a lot of taxpayer money in incarceration for their momentary lack of confidence and easy access to a deadly weapon.
I’m not a psychologist or a sociologist or even a historian, but from what I’ve seen in my lifetime, this situation is not going to get any better and will probably get worst as the weapons become more potent and available. All the numbers and calculations will not change the fact.

There is a second amendment.
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

So I propose we stop all this endless jabber about gun control and focus on the real problem. There are millions of guns in our country and more on the way, but what is a gun? A gun is a hollow pipe that is designed to discharge a projectile.
Think about that. A gun is nothing more than a metal or plastic pipe. By itself it could be used as a club or bat and maybe do some destruction or even cause death, but it is the projectile that is the real problem.
Back in the day of protest, we didn’t want to ban the airplane. We wanted to ban the bomb.
So maybe we are looking at this gun control the wrong way. Let them have all the guns they want. Just don’t let them have any bullets!
License or register or whatever the procedure would be before allowing someone to purchase bullets. Police and military would be exempt of course because they are hired killers, but for the general public?
I know there are some out there who know how to pack their own shells but the ingredients can be traced and monitored. There are probably a gazillion bullets already out there, but a person who has a gun and can not shoot it will go crazy without shooting it and the supply will dwindle.
I do know the Homo sapiens have a temper and will occasionally strike out under emotional distress whether behind bedroom doors or on open streets. We have learned to use fist, sticks, stones, straps, clubs, swords, spears, and now guns to assist up in this reaction before logic and common sense take over.
The problem is we have learned to use these weapons too well and are becoming numb to the constant projectile spray that may or may not nullify the intended target.
So my solution to the problem of continuous maiming of the human species is to “Ban The Bullet”.

Finding An Ex-Boyfriend

As usual, going about my daily routine of searching through the Internet for silly things to read or comment on when I joined a chat about old movies shot in the Commonwealth. I’m sure this came up because of the Oscars and “Lincoln” with some scenes and extras in this fair city. Being in the south, people starting talking about those good old movies that were made in the area. I made a brief statement about my wife working on one of them.
I got a surprise comment back from a name that said he had worked on the same movie and what was my wife’s name. When I replied with her former name he said he knew her.
Security blast! This was a harmless chat room I had enjoyed reading before, but the name of this person was not recognizable. This could be a real person from my wife’s past or some kind of phishing or maybe just some convict with nothing else to do.
Then I get a message from this stranger who says he had checked my profile and was sorry she had passed away. So where do I go from here?
So I send a connection to a story from my blog about her to fill in some of the details. Now remember I have no idea who this person is. His name was never spoken to me.
Another message came back with references I did recognize. Details of times I had heard about and tried to forget were remembered and revived.
Still not knowing anything about this name, I checked his profile and found no other references that would solve the mystery of the ex-boyfriend. I do have some since of what she went through during those years but do not know or really want to know how deep her relationship was with this guy.
I’ve written before about meeting my ex-wife and her current husband and how awkward that was. It was probably more awkward for him. I didn’t know if he was her second husband and didn’t ask. As I shook his hand and introduced myself to him I tried to think of the introduction from his side.
So here I was in that position. Studies say couples should not talk about previous loves, but it happens. When another person who has spent meaningful time with an individual, something will spark that memory and must be dealt with. 
This communication did remind me of my own insecurities. Learned at a fairly early age I learned there were no guarantees to a relationship, even with contracts and ceremonies.  My wife of 25 years did have opportunities and time to wander if she desired. Maybe she did and maybe she didn't, but she was always attentive to me when I needed her and I rewarded her with that freedom.
My wife had always tried to block out the past relationships for both of us. I recognized the importance of forgetting bad images for her so I locked away any reference to a previous life. In the long run it cut me off from family and friends.
I could pry and find out more details from this stranger about a previous love who became my wife, but what good would that do? We all have histories to drag along as baggage and yet we move on.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Monkeys in Shoes

Heard a story about ravens (or crows as some of you call them) and found it interesting. It seems these birds are watching us. They recognize our faces and our features and follow our actions as we go about our daily affairs. Much of this is about our interruptions to their daily business of finding food, but it they really recognize us and know who we are?
There are three crows that fly around my neighborhood. I see them on my morning rides. They answer to the names of “Russell”, “Sheryl” and “Crossing”. They recognize my voice or my habits and do not feel threatened so they do not fly away when I approach. They are stately birds large enough to chase hawks. They clean up the messes created by mobile machines. They are patient enough to allow their children to be picked up and moved out of harm’s way. They even say “Thank You” if you listen.
Other critters recognize the sound of a voice or a bag of peanuts being open to come to the daily buffet.
Like Pavlov’s dog, we all tend to follow positive rewards and avoid confrontation. I guess that is why there is “Puppywoods” as a safe peaceful haven. They just think of me as a monkey in shoes who delivers food.
Have you ever seen danger in the critter world? The communication goes out they all understand. They all have been brought up to realize their world is all about life and death and it can happen at any minute. And when the danger is gone and the all-clear signal is made, the world gets backs to routine.
The news is full of gruesome videos of wars and shootings and stressful conflicts around the world. But these critters don’t watch television or listen to radio or get glued to the Internet. They don’t worry about the next meteor. They don’t spend endless hours numbing themselves in mindless media presentations? These critters don’t get involved in “Downton Abbey” or care about who attends the Oscars.
They understand and appreciate their environment. They eat just enough and exercise a lot. They wake when the sun comes up and sleep when the sun goes down. They are trained to be aware of their surroundings but do not stress.
Maybe the Homo sapiens species are nothing more than “monkeys in shoes”?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Invasion

Have you ever wondered about what would happen if a person came into your private space?
This subject has been in the news recently. Often the invasion is in outlining areas away from support or even the attention of neighbors. Sometimes there are physical problems and sometimes just an earth shattering fear of violation that will never go away.
How do you prepare for such an occasion? Some people think about the options for an invasion and purchase locks and lights and warning systems that will hopefully deter a potential intruder. Signs are posted and the feeling of safety is secured by the beings living inside.
If you’ve read any of these posts you know my thoughts about sanctuary. A “home” is a place where you store all the stuff that makes you happy. A living space that reflects how much money you spend on stuff that identifies your personality. (Note: not sure what a house says when it looks like a construction site?)
The signs only tell the potential invader that there is “good stuff” inside and if they really want to attempt it, they will invade your space no matter the lights or cameras or warning signals.
So what do you do then? Someone who is not a family member or a guest is intruding into your private space. Do you stay and fight for your sanctuary or do you run?
There is lots of talk these days about weapons and rights and who should and shouldn’t own them. There are lots of places where weapons are sold and for whatever reasons people purchase them, legally or illegally.
I know how to use a firearm and know what damage it can bring. I do not own a firearm but do not object to those who do for whatever security it provides them. Some are very responsible of these items that can destroy a life whether human or otherwise and some are not.
Then it comes back to the original question of  “what do you do if?”
Watch the yard and see how the alpha males create and protect their territory. Then again, they don’t have the opportunity to use additional weapons. Perhaps that is what separates us from other critters is we created weapons.
So if an uninvited intruder enters your sanctuary, what do you do? Do you have a family plan? Once the alarm goes off and wakes you up, what do you do?
Do you grab your weapon and act like a cowboy protecting your stash and hoping whomever you shoot at is not a family member? Do you escape and hope the proper authorities arrive and take care of the invader for you? Do you hide and just listen to your stuff being trashed and taken away? 
Are you prepared to face another and take away a life? Is your stuff worth the cost?
I personally have not had the opportunity to act out my plan but I am prepared to come face-to-face with an intruder. There is something personal when you are eye-to-eye.
I hope I never have to use this plan but I have mentally prepared myself for whatever the outcome would be.
Then again, isn’t this just like marriage? You find a person who wraps up your emotions then enters your living space and changes everything around. Some items that are important to you; reminds another of past experiences they were not part have and are removed. The intruder has been welcomed in but you are still getting robbed.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Kiss

It is an interesting feature of our species that when we press our lips together something happens. I’m not against the reaction instead I employ it. It is an essential to this particular holiday and must be performed. Several others require “the kiss” be performed to accomplish the full conciseness of the meaning of the holiday.
The kiss can lead to many other intimate actions or just be the sweetness affection to a child. The kiss can be wet or a rock and roll band or French or maybe more. The kiss can be a brief emotional connection or a passionate attachment.
I had one of these statues. I defined it as an artsy statue, but it was sexy. It was smooth to the touch and at any angle reveling.
So this is the holiday of the kiss. There is the “kiss off” or the “kiss my…” or just that peck on the cheek that seals the deal. The kiss is the period on the line “I Love You”.


Those special days throughout the calendar year celebrating families, warriors, children, events, emotions, leaders, religions and any other reason to have a day off from work or add to the retailers pocket.
Here is the list of all the holidays I can find:
·      New Year's Day, National holiday

·      Epiphany, Christian

·      Orthodox Christmas Day, Orthodox

·      Stephen Foster Memorial Day, Observance

·      Orthodox New Year, Orthodox

·      Lee Jackson Day, State holiday, Virginia

·      Confederate Memorial Day, State holiday, Texas

·      Robert E Lee's Birthday, State holiday, Florida

·      Inauguration Day, State holiday, DC, LA, MD, VA

·      Robert E Lee's Birthday, State holiday, AL, AR, GA, MS

·      Civil Rights Day, State holiday, Arizona, New Hampshire

·      Martin Luther King Day, National holiday

·      Idaho Human Rights Day, State holiday, Idaho

·      Prophet's Birthday, Muslim

·      Tu B'Shevat (Arbor Day), Jewish holiday

·      Kansas Day, Observance

·      National Freedom Day, Observance

·      Groundhog Day, Observance

·      Chinese New Year, Observance

·      Lincoln's Birthday, State holiday, CT, IL, MO, NJ, NY

·      Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras, Observance

·      Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras, State holiday, Alabama, Louisiana

·      Ash Wednesday, Christian

·      Valentine's Day, Observance

·      Daisy Gatson Bates Day, State holiday, Arkansas

·      Presidents' Day (Washington's Birthday), National holiday

·      Purim, Jewish holiday

·      Read Across America Day, Observance

·      St. David's Day, Observance

·      Texas Independence Day, State holiday, Texas

·      Casimir Pulaski Day, State holiday, Illinois

·      Town Meeting Day Vermont, State holiday

·      Daylight Saving Time starts, Clock change/Daylight Saving Time

·      St. Patrick's Day, Observance

·      Evacuation Day, State holiday, Massachusetts

·      Evacuation Day observed, State holiday, Massachusetts

·      March equinox, Season

·      Palm Sunday, Christian

·      Maryland Day, State holiday, Maryland

·      Seward's Day, State holiday, Alaska

·      First day of Passover, Jewish holiday

·      Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day, State holiday, Hawaii

·      Maundy Thursday, Christian

·      Good Friday, State holiday, 14 states

·      Holy Saturday, Christian

·      César Chávez Day, State holiday, CA, CO, TX

·      Easter Sunday, Observance, Christian

·      César Chávez Day observed, State holiday, California

·      Easter Monday, Christian

·      Pascua Florida Day, State holiday, Florida

·      Last day of Passover, Jewish holiday

·      National Tartan Day, Observance

·      Yom HaShoah, Jewish holiday

·      Patriot's Day, State holiday, Maine, Massachusetts

·      Tax Day, Observance

·      Father Damien Day, Local observance, Hawaii

·      Yom HaAtzmaut, Jewish holiday

·      Emancipation Day, State holiday, District of Columbia

·      San Jacinto Day, State holiday, Texas

·      Confederate Memorial Day, State holiday, AL, FL, GA

·      Oklahoma Day, Local observance, Oklahoma

·      Administrative Professionals Day, Observance

·      Arbor Day, State holiday, Nebraska

·      Lag B'Omer, Jewish holiday

·      Confederate Memorial Day, State holiday, Mississippi

·      Loyalty Day, Observance

·      National Day of Prayer, Observance

·      Orthodox Good Friday, Orthodox

·      Orthodox Holy Saturday, Orthodox

·      Rhode Island Independence Day, State holiday, Rhode Island

·      Orthodox Easter, Orthodox

·      Cinco de Mayo, Observance

·      Orthodox Easter Monday, Orthodox

·      National Nurses Day, Observance

·      Truman Day, State holiday, Missouri

·      Ascension Day, Christian

·      Confederate Memorial Day, State holiday, North Carolina, South Carolina

·      Mother's Day, Observance

·      Shavuot, Jewish holiday

·      Peace Officers Memorial Day, Observance

·      National Defense Transportation Day, Observance

·      Armed Forces Day, Observance

·      Pentecost, Christian

·      Whit Monday, Christian

·      National Maritime Day, Observance

·      National Missing Children's Day, Observance

·      Trinity Sunday, Christian

·      Jefferson Davis Birthday, State holiday, Mississippi

·      Memorial Day, National holiday

·      Corpus Christi, Christian

·      Statehood Day, State holiday, Kentucky, Tennessee

·      Jefferson Davis Birthday, State holiday, Florida

·      Jefferson Davis Birthday, State holiday, Alabama

·      Isra and Mi'raj, Muslim

·      Kamehameha Day, State holiday, Hawaii

·      Flag Day, Observance

·      Father's Day, Observance

·      Bunker Hill Day, State holiday, Massachusetts

·      Juneteenth, Local observance, All except AL, American Samoa, GA, HI, MD, ME, MP, MS, MT, ND, NH, NV, PA, RI, SD, UT, Virgin Islands, Wake Island

·      West Virginia Day, State holiday, West Virginia

·      June Solstice, Season

·      Independence Day, National holiday

·      Ramadan begins, Muslim

·      Tisha B'Av, Jewish holiday

·      Pioneer Day, State holiday, Utah

·      Parents' Day, Observance

·      Laylat al-Qadr, Muslim

·      Eid-al-Fitr, Muslim

·      Victory Day, State holiday, Rhode Island

·      Assumption of Mary, Christian

·      Statehood Day in Hawaii, State holiday, Hawaii

·      Bennington Battle Day, State holiday, Vermont

·      National Aviation Day, Observance

·      Senior Citizens Day, Observance

·      Lyndon Baines Johnson Day, State holiday, Texas

·      Labor Day, National holiday

·      Rosh Hashana, Jewish holiday

·      Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day, Observance

·      National Grandparents Day, Observance

·      Patriot Day, Observance

·      Yom Kippur, Jewish holiday

·      Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, Observance

·      First day of Sukkot, Jewish holiday

·      National POW/MIA Recognition Day, Observance

·      September equinox, Season

·      Emancipation Day, State holiday, Ohio

·      Last day of Sukkot, Jewish holiday

·      Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, Jewish holiday

·      Gold Star Mother's Day, Observance

·      Feast of St Francis of Assisi, Christian

·      Child Health Day, Observance

·      Leif Erikson Day, Observance

·      Native Americans' Day, Local observance, South Dakota

·      Indigenous People's Day, Local observance, California

·      Columbus Day, National holiday, All except CA, HI, NV

·      White Cane Safety Day, Observance

·      Eid-al-Adha, Muslim

·      Boss's Day, Observance

·      Alaska Day, State holiday, Alaska

·      Nevada Day, State holiday, Nevada

·      Halloween, Observance

·      All Saints' Day, Christian

·      All Souls' Day, Christian

·      Daylight Saving Time ends, Clock change/Daylight Saving Time

·      Diwali/Deepavali, Observance

·      Muharram/Islamic New Year, Muslim

·      Veterans Day, National holiday

·      First Day of Hanukkah, Jewish holiday

·      Thanksgiving Day, National holiday

·      Black Friday, State holiday, 17 states

·      Lincoln's Birthday, State holiday, Indiana, New Mexico

·      American Indian Heritage Day, State holiday, Maryland

·      First Sunday Advent, Christian

·      Cyber Monday, Observance

·      Last day of Hanukkah, Jewish holiday

·      Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Observance

·      Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Christian

·      Wright Brothers Day, Observance

·      Pan American Aviation Day, Observance

·      December Solstice, Season

·      Christmas Eve, Observance, Christian

·      Christmas Day, National holiday, Christian

·      Kwanzaa, Observance

·      New Year's Eve, Observance

Yeah, I know there are a bunch of them.
So since today is yet another holiday it made think what was behind this particular holiday. From what I find as a definition St. Valentine's Day began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus. The most popular martyrology associated with Saint Valentine was that he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire; during his imprisonment, he is said to have healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius. Legend states that before his execution he wrote her a letter “from your Valentine” as a farewell
That’s not a real bad idea for a holiday, but why aren’t the banks closed? Why are the government offices still open? They seem to close for everything else including snow. And when did candy and flowers get connected with this?
And why aren’t there other holidays? How about “Best Auto Mechanic Holiday” or “Your Daddy isn’t really your Daddy Holiday” or “The Fried Chicken Wrapped in Bacon is Killing Me Holiday” or “Sorry, But I Don’t Dance Holiday” or “Poopy Diaper Day Holiday” or “Did I Really Say That? Holiday”. Oh come on people, there are still days in the calendar that are not associated with a holiday. If we make it good, maybe we can get a day off from work.
Sing along…..

"Holiday" – Bee Gees
Ooh you're a holiday, such a holiday
Ooh you're a holiday, such a holiday

It's something I thinks worthwhile
If the puppet makes you smile
If not then you're throwing stones
Throwing stones, throwing stones

Ooh it's a funny game
Don't believe that it's all the same
Can't think what I've just said
Put the soft pillow on my head

Millions of eyes can see
Yet why am I so blind
When the someone else is me
It's unkind, it's unkind

de de de de de de de de de de de de de
de de de de de de de de de de de de de

Yet millions of eyes can see
Yet why am I so blind
When the someone else is me
It's unkind, it's unkind

Ooh you're a holiday , ev'ry day , such a holiday
Now it's my turn to say , and I say you're a holiday
It's something I thinks worthwhile
If the puppet makes you smile
If now then you're throwing stones
Throwing stones , throwing stones

de de de de de de de de de de de de de de