Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Only Money

So the stock market fell 775 points today. 

So that is the worst drop ever in the history of the stock market

So it is only 7% of the entire market.

A trillion dollars lost. 

It's only money.

How can you spend what you don't have?

And there is always tomorrow............

How do you like living under a bridge?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mom's First Husband

Years after living with a dysfunctional family, I found a secret in the closet. 

Mom had a first husband. One before my dad. 

She never spoke of him. I do not know the history. My brother does not know the history. 

Who was this guy? Was he part of the band? Was he a comedy act that opened the evening of song and dance? 

It strange how our dirty little secrets come to pass. 

Hi Frank. I never knew you.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paul Little

A friend of mine just wrote an epilogue to an old nemesis of his, so I had to too. 

So let me take a moment to talk about an old guitar player named Paul Little. A rhythm guitarist with a sense of soul add a country jerk. A triple pickup burgundy Epliphone guitar and amp with a reverb built in. A warm smile and laugh with motor oil under his fingernails. 

I met Paul in early 1964. An old elementary school classmate wanted to form a rock band and since he couldn't play an instrument, he would manage a group. So he gathered some of his Douglas Southall Freeman High School classmates and called me. 

I had been in a few guitar groups, but was still learning the guitar. And since I didn't have an electric guitar, I was assigned bass. 

But I brought a sense of class to these blue collar working class boys. We discussed what outfits to wear, while drinking beers in the lead guitar players house, while his father sat in the kitchen and his sister kept walking past us in various stages of undress. 

We created microphone stands from lamps, bought classy yet cheap jackets from the "other" side of Broad Street, rented various pieces and parts and equipment from a string of music stores run by my father's old band players.

And Paul, following Wally's lead, could fill the void with a fresh energy and a twangy vocal. He would strum wildly at his guitar and always on time. After the first band dissolved, we reformed another band with Paul and Wally, then another adding horns. Then we parted for a while. 

High school was nearing an end and another band was formed with Thomas Jefferson High School students, but we invited Paul to join us. Practicing in basements, garages, and my living room, we wrote and re-wrote songs, new beats, new rhythms and Paul was adaptable to it all. He was a creative motion, but was flexible to adjust to anything. And he had fun.

Outside the music groove, Paul had 2- '56 Desota automobiles in his front yard. Saturday's we would gather parts and pieces and try to make one of them start. If we were successful, we could cruise the night. Some Saturdays were journeys to junk yards looking for parts. Other Saturdays were swapping parts back and forth until one of the monstrous beast came to life. Drinking 3.2 beers, smoking cigarettes, and laughing all through the hot afternoon. 

Gas had to be cheap, because we would drive around all night on only a few bucks. This big purple monster with wild fins and a push button AM radio and electric windows. Driving up and down Broad Street from Bill's Barbecue to the Clover Room to Tantilla then up to the Village. Always looking for girls. And when we could find a couple, we'd invite them into the wide seats of this huge automobile. Then, as any good adolescent boy, looking for a place to park and "make out". 

Paul was never suave, but he had a Huck Finn type of likeness. He was enjoyable to be around and certainly dependable. He drove me to Williamsburg one night to meet a girl I had met the previous weekend in the Hotel John Marshall. I had given her a call and she invited me down, but we didn't have a date for Paul. So as we picked up Diane, I asked we find a "date" for Paul. She made a few calls and we were off to pick up a damsel for this prince, while I and my lady made out in the back seat. We finally found a young woman for Paul and started off into the night, but I noticed the new young lady was clinging to to the door far away from the driver. I suggested we go to a local eatery to get better acquainted. And so we did, but it didn't help. The two girls would giggle, but the new young woman was differently not interested in Paul. So I convinced him to drive around a little more while my lady and I fogged up the glass, but I soon felt sorry for Paul, so we took both ladies home (goodbye Diane and thank you, I'll never see you again) and head back for Richmond. I felt I had done Paul wrong, but he never regretted the adventure. He reveled in friendship.

After high school our paths separated. I had not contact with him or any of the early band members. 

And a few years ago, I received an email from Paul Little. He saw my name on a web page and traced me down. We sent a few messages back and forth, then there was silence. 

I received an email some days later from Paul's wife. She told me Paul had died of cancer. 

So goodbye old friend. You were a good buddy and gave me lots of energy and comedy. We all live in a '56 Desota.

The Great Buyout

Legislative Proposal for Treasury Authority to Purchase Mortgage-Related Assets

Section 1. Short Title.
This Act may be cited as "THE GREAT BUYOUT".

Sec. 2. Purchases of Mortgage-Related Assets.
(a) Authority to Purchase. -- The Secretary is authorized to purchase, and to make and fund commitments to purchase, on such terms and conditions as determined by the Secretary, mortgage-related assets from any financial institution having its headquarters in the United States.
(b) Necessary Actions. -- The Secretary is authorized to take such actions as the Secretary deems necessary to carry out the authorities in this Act, including, without limitation:
    (1) appointing such employees as may be required to carry out the authorities in this Act and defining their duties;
    (2) entering into contracts, including contracts for services authorized by section 3109 of title 5, United States Code, without regard to any other provision of law regarding public contracts;
    (3) designating financial institutions as financial agents of the Government, and they shall perform all such reasonable duties related to this Act as financial agents of the Government as may be required of them;
    (4) establishing vehicles that are authorized, subject to supervision by the Secretary, to purchase mortgage-related assets and issue obligations; and
    (5) issuing such regulations and other guidance as may be necessary or appropriate to define terms or carry out the authorities of this Act.

Sec. 3. Considerations.
In exercising the authorities granted in this Act, the Secretary shall take into consideration means for --
  (1) providing stability or preventing disruption to the financial markets or banking system; and
  (2) protecting the taxpayer.

Sec. 4. Reports to Congress.
Within three months of the first exercise of the authority granted in section 2(a), and semiannually thereafter, the Secretary shall report to the Committees on the Budget, Financial Services, and Ways and Means of the House of Representatives and the Committees on the Budget, Finance, and Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs of the Senate with respect to the authorities exercised under this Act and the considerations required by section 3.

Sec. 5. Rights; Management; Sale of Mortgage-Related Assets.
    (a) Exercise of Rights.-- The Secretary may, at any time, exercise any rights received in connection with mortgage-related assets purchased under this Act.
    (b) Management of Mortgage-Related Assets. -- The Secretary shall have authority to manage mortgage-related assets purchased under this Act, including revenues and portfolio risks therefrom.
    (c) Sale of Mortgage-Related Assets. -- The Secretary may, at any time, upon terms and conditions and at prices determined by the Secretary, sell, or enter into securities loans, repurchase transactions or other financial transactions in regard to, any mortgage-related asset purchased under this Act.
    (d) Application of Sunset to Mortgage-Related Assets. -- The authority of the Secretary to hold any mortgage-related asset purchased under this Act before the termination date in section 9, or to purchase or fund the purchase of a mortgage-related asset under a commitment entered into before the termination date in section 9, is not subject to the provisions of section 9.

Sec. 6. Maximum Amount of Authorized Purchases.
The Secretary's authority to purchase mortgage-related assets under this Act shall be limited to $700,000,000,000 (THAT'S A LOT OF 0'S) outstanding at any one time.

Sec. 7. Funding.
For the purpose of the authorities granted in this Act, and for the costs of administering those authorities, the Secretary may use the proceeds of the sale of any securities issued under chapter 31 of title 31, United States Code, and the purposes for which securities may be issued under chapter 31 of title 31, United States Code, are extended to include actions authorized by this Act, including the payment of administrative expenses. Any funds expended for actions authorized by this Act, including the payment of administrative expenses, shall be deemed appropriated at the time of such expenditure.

Sec. 8. Review.
Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

Sec. 9. Termination of Authority.
The authorities under this Act, with the exception of authorities granted in sections 2(b)(5), 5 and 7, shall terminate two years from the date of enactment of this Act.

Sec. 10. Increase in Statutory Limit on the Public Debt.
Subsection (b) of section 3101 of title 31, United States Code, is amended by striking out the dollar limitation contained in such subsection and inserting in lieu thereof $11,315,000,000,000. (THAT'S A LOT OF ZEROS)

Sec. 11. Credit Reform.
The costs of purchases of mortgage-related assets made under section 2(a) of this Act shall be determined as provided under the Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990, as applicable.

Sec. 12. Definitions.
For purposes of this section, the following definitions shall apply:
     (1) Mortgage-Related Assets. -- The term "mortgage-related assets" means residential or commercial mortgages and any securities, obligations, or other instruments that are based on or related to such mortgages, that in each case was originated or issued on or before September 17, 2008.
     (2) Secretary. -- The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Treasury.
     (3) United States. -- The term "United States" means the States, territories, and possessions of the United States and the District of Columbia.

So what else can we do? 
Leave it alone and let it drop?
Give a little $ at a time? 

A buck fifty for your thoughts. 
Leave your comments, but keep your dollars in the mattress.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Garage Bands in Richmond

Peter, Paul, and Penelope 1964
Malcom McIver - Guitar, Vocals
Elizabeth McIver - Vocals
Clifford Leftwich - Tenor Guitar, Banjo, Vocals

Autumn to May
Big Rock Candy Mountain
The River is Wide
Tattooed Lady
Unfortunate Miss Bailey
Zombie Jamboree
Goober Peas
I Know An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly
Shady Grove / Hard Traveling

The Sonics 1964
Vic Hines - Guitar
Dick Farber - Guitar
Paul Peterson - Drums
Cliff Leftwich - Bass

Walk Don’t Run
Wipe Out
In Crowd
Twilight Zone
Rebel Rouser

The Thames 1965
Wally Wicker - Guitar
Paul Little - Guitar
Cliff Leftwich - Bass
Wilson Trice - Drums
Bill Wellous - Drums

She’s Not There
Slow Down
Twist & Shout
Wooly Bully
Louie, Louie
Hang On Sloopy
Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
Heart Full of Soul
For Your Love
Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat
Henry the 8th
Farmer John
Little Black Egg
Love Potion #9
Alley Oop
Baby, Please Don’t Go

The Chapperalls 1965
Wally Wicker - Guitar
Paul Little - Guitar
Cliff Leftwich - Bass
Alan Raynes - Sax
Jim Wright - Sax
Tommy Muldoon - Drums

Louie, Louie
Night Train
In My Room
Long TAll texan
Cleo’s Mood/ Hot Cha
Shake A Tailfeather
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Mickey’s Monkey
Hot Pastrami
Green Onions
Watermelon Man
Egg Tide
Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
Philly Dog
High Heel Sneakers

The  Vagabonds 1965
Mike Arrigo - Guitar
Danny Fergeo - Guitar
Cliff Leftwich - Bass
Jesse James - Drums

Road Runner
Hitch Hike
Walking The Dog
Mustang  Sally
Pretty Woman
Shake A Tailfeather
Hot Pastrami
Hang On Sloopy
Wooly Bully
Long Tall Texan
Blue Suede Shoes

Turnpike North 1966
Eugene Eubank - Vocals
Gerry Cain - Guitar
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Sonny - Bass
Joey - Drums

The Great Airplane Strike
Wild Thing
Mr. Tambourine Man
Back in the U.S.S.R.
New Orleans
12-bar Blues
He Was A Friend Of Mine
High  Dry
I Got The Blues
I’m Waiting For My Man

Thursday Night 1966-1967
Joel Dexter - Vocals
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Paul Little - Guitar
Steve Leed - Bass
Alex Constintio - Drums

Satisfaction / Last Time
Glad All Over
Hey Joe
House of the Rising Sun
Long tall Texan
Little Latin Loupe Lu
Lady Jane
Try Me
Fortune Teller

United Sound 1967
Gene Eubank - Vocals
Brunie Brown - Vocals
Sonny - Guitar
Guthrie - Bass
Joey - Drums
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar

Over, Under, Sideways, down
Backdoor Man
Fortune Teller
Paint It Black
Rock and Roll Star
Summer In The City
The Great Airplane Strike
Wild Thing
Mr. Tambourine Man

Morning Glory 1968
Steve Leed - Guitar
Paul Leed - Bass
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Ann Lee - Organ

Never Ending Song of Love For You
The Train That Never Returned
Country Road
Teach Your Children Well
The Weight
Hide Your Love Away
When I’m 64
Susie Q
Dear Prudence
The Eggplant That Ate Chicago
Me & Bobby McGee
Younger Girl
Happy Together
Cry Baby Cry
Mr. Bojangles

L.S.D. 1968
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Art Spencer - Guitar
Joel Dexter - Voice

Sing This Song Altogether
Sympathy For The Devil
Sitting On The Fence
Hide Your Love Away
Duke of Earl / Wake Up Litle Susie / Jelly Roll Gumdrop
New York Mining Disaster
Plastic Jesus
I Feel Like I’m Fixing To Die
Blue Suede Shoes 
Sing This song Altogether

Pvt. Salt’s Homely Farts Rubber Band 1969
General Confusion - Guitar
Colonel Corn - Guitar
Corporal Punishment  - Bass
Privates Parts - Drums

Pvt Salt’s Homely Farts Rubber Band
Not Gonna Sing It Again
Burning A Mole
Juicy In Your Eye With Grapefruit
Getting Worse
She’s Coming Back
For The Celebrat, Mister Blight
Better Off Without Them
I’m Almost Four
Ugly Greta, Garbage Collector
Too Night
What Happened Yesterday?

The Musical 1976
The Lover - Vocal
The General - Guitar
Gramps - Guitar
The Kid - vocal
Roadrunner - Guitar

Never Gave A Damn
Good Time Music
The Leader
Whiskey Drinking Song
Burger Song
John Boy John
Black Boy Blues
To Tell You
You’re A Fool
Good Time Music (refrain)
Follow you

Wanted! 1968
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Joel Dexter - Vocals

Charlie MacGregor
It’s Gonna get You
Snow Me
Why Don’t You Mind Your Own Business
Hula Girl
Mr. Marshall
She (part 1 & 2)
True Love
Two Guys with Nothing Else To Do...
3 Views of Age

BackYard Boogie 1969
Art Spencer - Guitar
Jim Spencer - Guitar
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar

Backyard Boogie
Blooper (instrumental)
The Dragon Queen
Cat Tail Stomp
Destruction (instrumental)
Comin’ Thru
The Big Apple
Do Her In
Backyard Boogie (reprise)

The Marriage Album 1973
Joel Dexter - Vocals
Jim Spencer - Guitar
Art Spencer - Guitar
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar

Good Day Sunshine
Gypsy Rover
Dear Doctor
Sing This Song Altogether
Hide Your Love Away
Don’t Let Me Down
Blue Suede Shoes
Great Balls of Fire

Frog Hollow Day Camp 1976
Joel Dexter - Vocals
Art Spencer  - Guitar
David Gant - Vocals
Steve Leed - Guitar
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar

Candy Man
Follow Me down
Tell Her No
Younger Girl
Lady Jane
Hide Your Love Away
Louie, Louie
Zombie Jamboree
Peter Gunn
Paint It Black
Tobacco Road
Great Balls of Fire

Greatest Hit! 1977
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Joel Dexter - Vocals

How To Reach A Peachy Keen Beach
She (part 1 & 2)
What To Do? (Jagger & Richards)
State Trooper
The Tinker
A Quick Trip To Surry
Miser Marshall
Mimic’s Promenade
Last Trip?
Ridin’ In The Rain

2 Cards Pleeze! 1978
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Joel Dexter - Vocals

I Like Girls
Party Time
Long Tall Curley
State Trooper
Dump Sweet Dump
The Group
1975 Cheer
Hotel Colorado

Joe’s 1978
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Joel Dexter - Vocals

True Love
Hide Your Love Away
Rum By Gum
Hey Joe
Quick Trip To Surry
Teach Your Children Well
Blue Suede Shoes

Clyde S. Meekly 13th St. Memorial Band 1978
and Entertainment Group - Bar None
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Joel Dexter - Vocals
Art Spencer - Guitar

Spider and the Fly
Out of Time
Back in the U.S.S.R.
One More Time
Time It Easy

Hit The Highway 1980
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar
Joel Dexter - Vocals
Art Spencer - Guitar
Jim Spencer - Guitar

Hit The Highway
Spinning (instrumental)
You’re My Wailing Wall
Make Your Own Way
Wake Up (instrumental)
Be-Bop Boogie
Think Back
Rock’s Off
Soft Noise (instrumental)

Crazy Daze 1981
Joel Dexter - Vocals
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar

Backyard Boogie
Waiting To Be Beamed Up Blues
Ugly Greta
Bobby Sands
Mono Lake
Going to be a Chicken Farmer in Haiti
How Far Will She Go?
There’s A Spot
What The World Thinks
Wabash Cannonball

Multiple Inserts 1982
Jim Dow - Guitar
Rob Black - Guitar
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar

Jumpin Jack Flash
Under My Thumb
Last Time
Route 66
Talk About The Passion
Stormy Monday
Spider & The Fly
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Powder Finger
House of the Rising Sun
Live With Me
Let It Bleed
Oliver’s Army
Wake Up Little Susie
Mr. Bojangles
Blowing in the Wind
Small Town
That’s The Way The World Goes Round
Proud Mary
Smoke on the Water

shenanigans 1985
Joel Dexter - Vocals
Art Spencer  - Guitar
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar

Side One
Side Two

Remember Music 1988
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar

R.O.K.O.D.02 2000
Cliff Leftwich - Guitar

Ole Time Blues
Calypso Folk
English Electric
rock Folk
Rock Hard