Monday, January 12, 2015

The Boys Club

The club you do not want to join
Growing up we segregate ourselves to our gender. Teams, scouts, camps, gym classes are all designated to boys or girls. Our social structures no matter what cultural background or continental location, divides us by sex.
Luckily we grow out of that with the mating process and we become intertwined in each other. Though we learn to blend together, we are been programmed to group together with our own kind. Look at sports or red carpet events or even drinking, it is a boy’s room or a girl’s room. Even the act of procreation is a ‘look what I did’ to a ‘look what I made’ variance of mind.
As we learn to live with one another and share the good times and battle over the bad, each moment, day, year, decade changes us into our parents and their parents and their parents. We are not prejudged against each other but rather drawn to one another. For the history may have different fashion and politics and even hairdos, but our species have ingrained sociological patterns and we follow them without question.
The termination of life is a pattern we have grown to accept. Boys are supposedly work harder and stress more from responsibility, but perhaps are weaker than girls who bare the children and mother and nurture the family. Insurance companies, faith institutions, medical organizations and family member assume this eventual occurrence, but it doesn’t always happen that way.

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