Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Suppose they gave an election and no one voted?

Like you, I’ve been overwhelmed with this circus called a primary for the selection of a candidate for the most powerful position in our country yet alone possibly the planet and wonder? When November 8th rolls around and the ballots are open, what if no one came out to vote?
What if the entire population of a sovereign nation was so fed up with the poor selection everyone decided not to make a choice of the least of the worst?
I know some yahoo will go to the precinct and we’ll wind up with another disappointment until we can have at it again.
This whole exercise in our freedom of selection has been frustrating, tiring, and often ridiculous, but our one time to voice our opinion has turned into ridicule, childish rhetoric, and even violence. Is this the best we can do?
All this has been presented to us for our amusement so we can randomly comment with statements and thoughts our grandmothers would not approve of. Is this where we are going?
So I suggest after the dust settles and we have our two (maybe more) selections and neither one of them feel really worthy of running our country, we just sit back, much like we are doing now, and watch to see what happens. No one votes.
Then again if we look at the succession he would be the next president.
And he didn’t even want the position he is in now.
The idea might be good for war too?
Suppose they gave a war and no one showed up?

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