Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Frost

Winter is here.

27 degrees.

The area is covered in a light dusting of white.

The huge metal mobile machines puff smoke and rumble as their glass eyes are scrapped.

The silhouette wooden finger reach for the orange orb for warmth,

Giant monsters sleep under the concrete, their breath smoke rising through the vents at the end of each block.

Bundled and booted, shivering dark figures walk fast paced paws on leases.

Fingers grow numb with the wind chill past city workers digging for the third time a hole near the church.

Then black ice.

A test to riding skills in the city.

Relief and rejuvenation is a long warm shower.

Then back in the saddle.

Christmas office party (sans drinks) and birthday wish to an old friend up north.


gar1751 said...

Monsters breathing under the pavement -- a most poetic image.

Art said...

I thank you for your birthday wish, dear friend.