Friday, December 19, 2008

Where is my bailout?

Sometime in life there was a theory that money (coins, currency, checks, etc.) were WORTH a value. The value of work done to earn a salary. And the salary was value of work accomplished against the common value of goods and services.

but somewhere we have lost our way.

We have spent more than we earn, we borrow more than we can pay back, and we want someone to bail us out. We did not do anything wrong. We were following the American dream.

Sure, everyone wants to have someone else come in and take care of your problems.

Over spend yourself into debt. Run to mommy for a few extra bucks to carry you over the weekend. Maybe even worst.

When was the last time you whipped out the credit card, knowing you did not have the means to pay, and put your signature on a piece of paper as a blind faith that the item you have signed for will be repaid in a short time.

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." said Whimpy.

And the mail was full of plastic cards declaring you as a rich person and deserve to extend your wealth. Visa, MasterCard, Penneys, Sears, Hechingers, Dillards, Macys,...the list goes on-and-on. And your wallet is full of them.

Borrow from this one to pay that one. Pay the minimum balance or just the interest until next month.

And keep up the appearance of money in the bank.

Are we keeping up with the Jones?

So Uncle Sam, print more money, pour it all over the banking and the manufacturing industry. Hope more money will increase more borrowing of money that can not be paid back.

Uncle Sam, get us out of this!
Save our poor work ethics.
Save us from not noticing that our manufacturing was being shipped overseas.
Save us from not noticing that our greed was breaking us down.
Save us from our lack of innovation except for video games which waste our time while exporting the dollars from manufacturing overseas.
Save us from our demands for easy living and billion dollar debt, but if it doesn't raise my gas price or grocery bills or eating out every night or deflating my company bonus.....

then I don't care.

Prices are going up, jobs are going down, and our future progress uncertainty is scaring me and that feel-good forecast for a future easy retirement is GONE!

So panic little boys and girls. The sky is falling and running around in the barnyard will not solve the problem.

Like the great depression,
pick yourself up,
dust yourself off
and face ahead.
Do we cross the mountains or stop here?

Do we find new innovations to create energy in a safe, easy to use form?

Do we find new innovations to create an educational process that will provide our children with the knowledge they will require to function in the global economy, not just Burger World.

Do we find new innovations to take pity on our sick and poor to give them hope, wellness, and training to skills providing them independence.

Or do we wait for a bailout.

Mommy! Mommy!! MY SKY IS FALLING!!!

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Art said...

Hey That IS a good picture of Uncle Sam!!!