Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Holiday

But every day is a holiday now. And this one means the rest of the neighborhood goes to the beach or to family reunions or cookouts.

But why call it a holiday? The grocery store is open. Retail shops are open. Restaurants are open. Only the government is closed down.

But think about that. The government. Imagine the guy’s who print the money, fight the wars, write and pass the laws, and tax your money… is SHUT DOWN.

Not really shut down. Suppose they really did. No police. No military. No firemen. I don’t mind not getting a snail mail bill, but no police? It won’t take long for crooks and terrorist to get the idea, May 25 is a holiday.

Think about all that money in the banks and no one there to protect it. Wars would be lost due to the soldiers taking a day off.

But this is a holiday to remember the soldiers who are fighting in pink boxers and flip-flops. 97 faces of the fallen from Virginia embattled against an elusive enemy.
Those boys and girls who volunteered to go into “harms way”. What is that “harms way”? They are exploding bombs under your ride and you are running down the dusty streets in body armor kicking in doors. At least that is what the public sees, since the early days when the media stopped showing dead bodies.

Remember these bullies come from dry countries that have centuries of conflict battled each other for crazy causes. Remember the crusades? That didn’t solve problems in the area either.

So respect the fallen and look at these kid’s faces. Are they from the neighborhood? I don’t see many flags. A few that have been there forever dirty and limp and a few crisp new ones still wrinkled presented for the holiday.

Time to go burn some encased meat sandwiches. Salute to the troops from all those who oppose war.

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