Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guys = Dogs

Guys are just like dogs. Take it from me cause I’m a guy. This revelation did not come to me until I got a dog.
Now I’ve had critters in my house since I can’t remember and even grew up with a dog but I don’t remember much about “Ike” other than he was my dad and he was big.
Then I got “Buffy”. A little blond mix rescue pup adopted our house and I saw a remarkable difference me. Even after all the children through all the years, this was special.
I realized the changes in me but then I noticed other guys who have dogs.
Dudes, we are all the same.
Once we put a dog’s head in our lap and those big eyes look at us?
So if all the gals know that us guys only need a scratch behind our ears, take us for a walk, wait for us while we sniff out the other bitches but keep us on a short leash, feed us the worst grub because we will eat just about anything and appreciate it and give us a warm spot to sleep we are happy.
Guys are pretty simple when you break us down. We will protect you. We will keep you company with few demands. And if you rub our tummy…..
So don’t over complicate us guys. We are just dogs.
And horses? They are just big dogs.

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