Friday, September 28, 2012

This is my Diddly and this is my Squat.

And I haven’t done anything about either. The to-do list is growing yellowed and wrinkled and none of the projects are expensive or difficult or require additional people’s approval or special requirements. So what is the wait for?
It’s too hot? It’s too cold? It’s too wet? It’s too dusty? It ‘s too….?
How about… I’m too tired? I’m too sore? I’ll get to it right after I….?
So why can’t I get to my diddly squat?
I go out everyday, I ride in the sunshine taking deep breathes and stretching my body, I take out the trash before Monday, I take a shower when my eyes start to water, I wash clothes every now and then, I even wash dishes after a while.
But all those other things require I break my habit from going to the grocery store, putting out seed and peanuts for the critters and then using the excuse that they need their privacy so I watch the news, some silly soap opera, then turn off the television and either take a nap or do an entertainment project that will not take more time than the 6 o’clock news.
For the excitement of the day there is a robbery at the grocery store with the cops throwing a guy on a car about 5 feet away from me as they search for the other guy as I pack up my bike or see another movie being made in the neighborhood blocking my path with cameras and tents or having a friend come by with salad fixings and a quiet conversation on the porch. Yet the cop show just wanted me to get out of the way (or line of fire) and the movie set did not interest me as much as the rubber-neckers swerving into my lane or realizing that a brief conversation with another human becomes as welcoming as an old person in an old folks home with the occasional visit.
So next week another repair guy comes by to do the things I am unskilled for or uncomfortable with or just to lazy to do, but I must do a few things before he gets here so I’ll get off my diddly and I’m getting off my squat and the movement is starting again.

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TripleG said...

Fall is the new New Year -- time to find your energy again!