Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm Back!

Did you miss me?

I took a sabbatical to try something different last year. I went to a writer’s website in England to get a new audience, comments and challenges. The audience was much younger and with a different outlook.

I write as I always write and got scowled by professional writers on grammatical errors and my wandering style, but they learned to read my ideas and accept my ramblings.

While I will continue to write on ReadWave, I decided to come back to extend what I had started with “Just Another Life”.

This site keeps getting read and while much of what has been posted is personal, I will use it as a diary of daily thoughts and imaginations. If I feel the story or recollection or even history is good enough, I will post it on both sites.

One of the reasons I left “Just Another Life” was that I was beginning to repeat myself. Then after over 200 posts on ReadWave, I realized I continue to post repetitive subjects and ideas. These topics of interest and thoughts are what makes me, me.

I could pay shrinks big bucks to do the same thing, but I find writing is therapeutic and I have no secrets. I write what I think and feel without restrictions to the reader. The comment fields are open to anyone to make whatever judgment or statement on any of the post. If I see spam, I will delete it but otherwise, as any writer or artist, appreciate any comments. And to the reader, if you don’t like it or it wastes your time, don’t read it.

So what have I been doing for the past year?

Well I’ll look at those important events of 2014 to see what happened.  Let’s see… I didn’t get put in jail or rape anybody in a frat house or get shot or shoot anyone. I didn’t walk any red carpets or take any lewd selfies or tweet rubbish. I didn’t lose any airplanes or shot down any airplanes or even ride any airplanes, but I did take a rather long train trip. I watched a singer go out as a Viking, an old restaurant close and another one move, another brewery come to town and some guys with loaded rifles walk down my shopping district. The battle flag still flies outside the museum on the way to a possible new bike path down an inner city street to purchase an unused tablet. I didn’t attend a same sex marriage but became tired of the whole LGBT thing. Also became tired of the lack of governmental process except for the reversal of a buffer zone on abortion clinics, but I won’t fuss about it. I didn’t feed the poor or walk a marathon or donate for whatever cause because there are too many and I am but one. I did buy two more guitars and had three windows replaced. One was necessary and one was just what one can do. I fed the critters everyday and met the new next-door neighbors and enjoyed watching the moon on the summer evenings.

Boring? Sure, but if you detail your everyday life, it is boring. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, do the laundry, buy your groceries, take your medicines, do your chores, take a poop and sleep. We accent these mundane activities with the occasional party or outing or vacation that is too quickly over. We pay our bills and sweep our walks and eat too much and become numb to the constant drool from the media.

I could relate all those who died last year, but there are people who die every year. Because the calendar changes doesn’t mean we are not growing older and the grim reaper is just around the corner. I’ll be lucky enough to be able to remember to write 2015 on the checks today.

So what is the outcome?

Does there have to be any?

It was just another year in “Just Another Life”.

Please place your comments in the box below.

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TripleG said...

Welcome back, Kotter.

It's like you never left the old neighborhood!