Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Enough of this…

For the pass half decade I have been posting stuff here. Some of it was important for me to record and a bunch of it was just silly nonsense. There have been several interesting comments and a possible interested reader or two, but it is not time to move on.
I have written about losing a job, losing a wife, trying to adjust to the new reality, riding my bike, communication, holidays, emotions and lack there of, strange stories and real tales that could not be believed unless you were there. A soundtrack of the past five years has been written in words.
A book has been written, another blog started and another writer’s site have accepted my futile messages that I write freely for others to view. I seek no monetary reward, but only the occasional comment as in any conversation is required.
My goal was to write 1000 post and this is it. I’ve actually written more than that on other sites, but on “Just Another Life” I’ve reached my end.
I may continue to write, for I have another project “When The Band Broke Up” that I have started years ago. Yet the daily details of life in ‘Puppywoods’ are becoming repetitive and no reader wants to continue to bore themselves with the details of a “Just Another Life”.
I may return, but for now, that’s all folks.


John West said...

I apologize for not commenting more often, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, especially about those good times back in our teens. It was personal and reflected on friendships that have still been there even if from faraway. All the best to you in whatever you do.
Mike West

TripleG said...

It's been quite a trip, from big life changes to daily joys in the back yard full of life at Puppywoods. I'll check Readwave and Nimrodstudios to see what you're up to, because we still need to keep an eye on you!

Jim said...

I am so glad that was not all!! Burd