Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just Another Day

Woke up this morning. Well to clarify more like this afternoon. Seems I stayed up way too late last night. I’ll excuse it on the twins as I stagger down the hall.
Fill the plastic container with water and throw the switch to heat as I yawn the morning yawn and open the blinds seeing half the day has already past. Tearing opens the pink packet and pouring half into the mug for the rest will be used for the next cup and there will be the next cup. Shake some of the powder that looks like that stuff you shake on after a shower but it doesn’t smell as good. Crack open the big container of brown flakes and with the smallest spoon in the house dig down deep for a spoonful for that is all is needed for a smaller mug. Walk to the front door to see if the neighborhood is the same and there are no dead bodies in the yard. Close and relock the door as the water whistles.
As the routine of the everyday turn on the big screen, adjust the chair, yawn some more and rub the eyes. It may be noon by the clock but it is early dawn to me.
Log on with the various secret codes and start scrolling through the windows of nonsense while pour down the dirty water. It won’t wake me up but I’ll empty the cup and go back for another. Seeing the usual car wreck and political crazy I notice a strange statement on social media. It is from one who does not post much to another who also rarely comments. Somewhat later I get an email that defines the message as a good-bye for a person dying. I had just recently had a communication with that person. It is the last communication you remember.
The rest is seemliness mindlessness so it must be time for the second nap. The two cups of brown warm water have not done the trick to reduce the hours spent with the twins last night, so return to bed. Not really sleepy or really awake I listen to the radio until I suddenly awake again.
What was that all about, I though of the dream that was fast fading? Monks in the kitchen, fruit lined up in summitry, house full of folks and dogs wandering, spilling over into the yard with lions and neighbors fighting, and big black gorillas.
At least I felt somewhat more refreshed as the afternoon past with a few more cups of hot dirty water. Saw some comments I wanted to comment on also but decided it was better to get a breath of air before the sun went down.
Dragging on the same jeans from yesterday and the day before that and pulling up black socks for they have not worn out yet and pulling on the same sweatshirt and another sweatshirt, I brush my teeth with no blood and gaggle some green liquid. Taking a deep breath, I wander out into the day.
For a day to be mostly over, there are the evident signs I’ve missed much action. Little gnomes have been digging in the pine needles under the watchful eye of a big brown owl. Otherwise the yard and the neighborhood are quiet.
With the same routine that is a daily habit, I am on the street before I know it wondering how I got here. Passing several young mothers enjoying the afternoon stroll not knowing me yet but will see me often. A young guy walking a little pill of fluff on a leash is ignored because that would be frightful to acknowledge that behavior.
Having to lock to a trashcan instead of my favorite stop sign, I notice more hustle and bustle than usual. The grocery is busier than normal but this is not the normal time. The normal ingredients for a day are placed from the normal positions on the shelves and I got into line with the normal checkout trough. The usual faces of people working for minimum wage greet me with smiles of familiarity and perhaps wanting another flower on their name tag instead of a raise.
Then the adventure began. I was awake now. Refreshed by the breeze and the pumping of the pedals I was alert. Checking all sides for the increased traffic flow, I made my way out to the main thoroughfare but it was different this time.
I had hit closing time traffic. The flood was coming from every direction with sleepy faces talking into their hands ready to return home to a television and microwave dinner. Being the cautious old guy on two-wheels barely awake myself, I pause to watch the parade. Car after car drifting down the road, some faster than others, and most unaware of anything but what was in their metal box. Some were courteous but I waved them on. I know my vulnerabilities on these striped surfaces and have time to spare.
Once back in the safety of the backyard, I feed the critters a much later buffet than they are used to, then reconnect with the electronic world. Little sips of yesterday’s poison and today’s hydration gets me back at my normal pace. I void the music I have brought with me for the current news but I’m not listening to that either.
A brief discussion of beach access and other strangeness and I’m back inside to debrief into cozy ware and settle in for the sky is dark and this day is over. Well, not really because here I am. 
Just because there was a flip in the calendar, this day could be like any other day. The clock reads it must be time to eat something for it has been many hours since you last stuffed your face. Cook a plastic wrapped disk and wonder what that smell is, but the houses on both sides are dark. Sometimes it is best not to ask questions.
As the clock turns to double digits again, I take another deep breath. How many more hours before I lie down and attempt the passage of sleep? 

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