Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Win

After trying to restrain myself to a full night’s sleep I awoke after three hours. OK, invisible mistress of the night, you win. I’m staying awake till the end.
But what is there to do at 4AM? Everyone else in the world is asleep or so it appears. Social media is unsociable. I can talk but no one talks back.
So an early, early morning breakfast and wait for the sun. Religion appears to be the topic of the day but why does any interpretation of ‘the word’ care about what goes on in the bedroom. For that matter, whatever color you are? Why are we all so scared? Like the long road trip to Aunt Sallie’s, there is no going back, we are not there yet, and we are all in this together and there is no way out.
Today will be great and I’m not going to miss it.
And early morning ride while it is still dusk and a store ride before the old folk gather. Swap ponies and journey for a check-up and an eye replacement. Mellow music combined with the natural voices and the warmth of the sun. Be responsible and prepare for next month for there is much to do. As the yard calms down, choirs are just playing pick up sticks without a score. A bit of paperwork and some happy tunes, a comfortable chair without a worry and hydration complete the last of winter.  Why put off today what you can put off tomorrow? Tap out a message just to see if there is an answer.
The sun is bright now and today will be a good day and tonight, I will sleep after enjoying the full moon’s shadows.
You siren of the night with your foreboding spell of darkness cannot conquer spring. In the end, I will win. 

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