Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Autopilot on a spring day

Should a string trimmer sound like a motorcycle? Well one of my neighbors thinks so. Other than that it has been a pretty quiet day. That is a good thing, because I’m running on autopilot.
Maybe this springtime has me getting frisky like all the critters in the yard or maybe I stayed up too late listening to folk, world, jazz, blues and every other kind of music last night. Whatever the reason, I’m in a fog today.
My usual pattern of ‘forcing’ myself to leave the house got me into the air and sunshine but the temperature was cooler and you can feel the change in the air. It is going to rain.
I knew I was on autopilot because when I got to get ready to cross a busy street, I didn’t remember how I got there. Repetitive patterns and constant routine gets me to places I know but don’t remember.
Another sign of autopilot is forgetting coupons. I’ve been favoring pancakes recently but got some coupons for veggie burgers and V-8, so after almost forgetting to put them in my pocket, I got to the grocery and seek out the items I don’t normally purchase. I am so proud I remembered to put them in the cart with the usual hydration and critter food. Of course I got through the check out with my normal pleasant chitchat and ride home only to find the coupons in my pocket. Maybe tomorrow?
I don’t think it is early signs of Alzheimer’s but just forgetfulness. Without someone around to tell you not to go get the mail in your underwear, who will know?
Is it a mental disability to talk to animals that only come to you for food? Is it a problem that when you look out the window at the owls in the yard you forget about the water heating for coffee? So far I stay dressed when I get the mail.
So today is just an autopilot day. Everything is in it’s proper place so I can find my way and as long as I don’t dart out in front of a delivery truck, I’ll make it through.
Maybe that is what life is all about? We just muddle through and hope we make it to the end? How many times do we follow routines and patterns and ‘veg out’ only to find the day has ended and we are back where we started?
It is not so bad. I did fill up a trashcan full of sticks and wash the dishes and do a load of laundry and even changed the sheets. And didn’t harm anyone or myself in the process.
Tomorrow never knows.

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