Sunday, April 5, 2015

Would you trust me to take your daughter away?

Again I will preface this article with my own experiences. I am not a father. I do not have a daughter. So I am just telling one side of the story, a story from one point of view, a story about trust.
So would you trust me to take your daughter away? Do you trust me enough on a brief meeting and the persuasion of your beloved precious daughter to allow a stranger remove your daughter from your protection for unknown adventures?
It may have seemed like a safe chaperoned party or an organized teen activity but she is going out with a young man of dubious credentials. Sure he has polished his image just like first hire, but dad, you remember being a guy.
I imagine the first diaper change or soccer game or even the period talk has not prepared you for the possibility of what can happen when she leaves your sight. You understand even her mother was that little girl leaving her father’s protection. You can rationalize the situation as she is growing up and has been raised in a loving home, but do you trust this guy?
It is all about trust.
Eventually whatever will happen will happen. Mom and pop will have to attend to whatever their daughter and this unknown guy get into. It may be the pride of the family continuing the family heritage or it may turn dark and dirty.
Either way she has to find her path. If this awkward guy who stands before you in a wrinkled suit and a devious smile has dreams of indecent liberties with your little girl, so be it.
Again, I remind the reader, I have not had a daughter and only speak from speculation but if times had been different and I had been the man opening the door, I would have been your worst nightmare.

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