Monday, May 18, 2015

It Started On A Thursday


It started on a Thursday.
Same toothbrush. Back tight. Maybe it was sleeping in my own bed. Maybe it was back to the routine. The mail will be read or thrown away. The guys who are digging a hole in the ground made progress. The bamboo has really popped up. Other than that, everything seems the same.
He arrived. He said he was be coming and now he is here. He has his car. He has his bag. He has his bike.
An old friend, yet we are both older and perhaps not as much as friends for it was long ago and far, far away. He was more of a friend of a friend, but a recent visit delivered what the mail could not.
A new visitor welcomed into my private space. Welcomed, but with some anticipation. Some initiation. Could I provide?
And yet age and experience and probably the letters through the years help to keep the connection going.
No stress or deadlines with wonderful weather and plenty of natural entertainment. Catch up that takes decades to describe without really knowing.
A ride into history, then a ride into the present. A common bond of two-wheels followed by a few laughs and some librations.
Sleeping arrangements were basic and not as expected, but seemed to suffice. Hopefully enough space was given because it is difficult to live in another’s house.
While volumes could be written, the two traveled onto another adventure. A voluntary exit from the familiar into the circle of unknowing.
Rest stops are good. A chance to stop and stretch and realize other people really does exist. And yet another chance to continue the conversation.
For you learn about people just being around them. There were times and then times changes. We go separate ways with separate motivations with detours.
It started on a Thursday.
The mobile machines slowed and sped up, but I was the victim. All I can say is it was pleasant and safe. Hope the return is the same? Thank goodness for chocolate cookies pressing white sugar.
Without GPS, we somehow found our destination. Well, almost, if we were going to the neighbors. That may have been a different adventure.
Wanders settling into another strange space, welcoming but unknown.
Now two have become comfortable with each other with likes and history, but we invade another culture. A culture that may be different, yet the same.
Causal welcome and comfortable surrounds, we travelers settled in. The lord and lady provided much to the vagabonds. A walk down small town, even if it was a college town, gave a sense of the location. Fortunately, grabbing a meal is just an excuse to stop and talk.
From a sunrise to a sunset, few people can acknowledge themselves between the fiction and the fact. When the opportunity arises and the participants enjoy, it can be a special moment.
After our first invader made his deal, it was time for another chapter. One would leave and one would stay.
 Living with another, even a brief time, changes the perspective. With all the preparation there is the chance you will not fit into the environment. Observation and adaption are a must to adjust to someone else’s lifestyle.
In a captured space with someone who was known by ancient history and electronic typing, it was time to talk face-to-face. After all the time, truth seemed the best remedy. What do you have to hide from a stranger?
Morning and night with a couple in a foreign land was the charge of this adventure. Yet, the host entertained their intruder with much variety and wonderful gurbbies. A wonderful series of adventures without disturbing the normal family pattern. Hope I didn’t make a mess.
And so the kind patrons, who provided me with substance, decided it were time to deliver me back to my spot of earth. What an adventure was had.
Living in someone else’s space is awkward and reveling. Sights and sounds that no one notices are all new to strangers.
Although there were bonds by ideas and history, there was the wonder of companionship with another. This brought us together and brought us apart.
It started on a Thursday.
And so an early morning drive back home with some who are more strangers than other but more familiar. More information than must be diagnosed. As is life, experience and consume.

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