Monday, May 4, 2015

Nothing Last Forever

Are you sure….?
We have all been brought up to believe there is “eternity”. We can all reassemble on the other side to be with our loved ones and our pets and some who we have never met.
This is why we live the ‘good’ life, so we can make enough ‘points’ to insure our continuation in the great beyond.
How do we make these ‘points’ to insure eternal happiness?
Do we follow the writings of ancient scribes? Do we follow the teachings of our elders for they have experienced life and understand how events accrue? Are we influences by our friends or social media to follow a path of enlightenment?
For nothing will last forever.
Building and monuments so sturdy and strong will crumble. Power structures will shift and change with the whims of those who can influence. Pages will fade and the ideas will be forgotten.
If the Supreme Being had just planned this out, we would all come with an expiration date. It would make life simpler knowing when you are going.
The term “Till Death Do Us Part” would have a timeline. Insurance companies would have finite calculations. Employers could define the cost of pensions. Families would grieve as much knowing their child’s time had come. Suicides would drop knowing when your time is up.
All those pills and potions to keep you alive won’t matter because you know your expiration date. Some of those concoctions may ease the pain but nothing is going to save you. 

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