Friday, July 3, 2015


Beer, for me, is the drink of choice. It seems that drink we must and we must have hydration to survive, but that source of water can be adapted to include alcohol.
Beer seems to be one of our basic drinks along with water, tea and wine. Beer is basically a brewing process of combining starch and sugar and enzymes and malted grains and hops and….. So on and so on. There are thousands of variations and names and brands and flavors and more and more everyday. With the introduction of craft beers on every corner, no one has to wander very far for a pint or a growler.
Through the years, beer was the most acceptable and available and affordable beverage of choice. The alcohol content varied through the years but settled into mostly water. People buy plastic bottles of water in every shape and size and I just buy cans. The distributors keep me with a plentiful supply and I can afford the constant hydration.
There are many selections of others I could partake, but this drink seems to be my demon of choice. In the summer there is nothing better than an ice cold beer and in the winter by the fire a dark beer is as good as a steaming cup of coffee.
So I for one will carry on the legacy of this sudsy yellow potion.

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