Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What do you think?

This is why we have friends. This is why we talk to each other. We want to know what someone else’s opinion is on an issue or a statement or an event.
We learn and grow by bouncing ideas off of each other. We hear different experiences and points of view that widen our knowledge base.
Teachers tell us philosophies and formulas and historical facts and ask us to us reply on a test. Parents teach us the basics of life to get dressed and eat and not poop in our pants. Religious leaders preach the virtues of right and wrong according to their God.
Yet we find confidants, those who think like we do, to reaffirm ideas and opinions. There is a certain trust in telling your deepest feelings to a friend knowing there will be no judgment.
So why is social media so full of crap?
The ability to make a comment on anybodies thought process in the most pervasive or demining way accomplishes nothing. If we cannot hear the voice of another, we can read their thought process and hopefully add to the discussion without ignorant comments. An angry comment face-to-face will usually get a punch, but hidden behind the invisible wall of technology, anyone can say anything.
For that is the freedom of speech. Bullying or condemnation or belittlement seems also to fit in this right.
If we cherish another’s point of view or opinion and learn from them, we evolve and grow. If I make a statement and do not like your response, I can ponder the reason why and categorize it with my own beliefs.
If the response is hateful, you will be merely deleted. What do you think?

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