Monday, September 7, 2015


Words. We write them down and they come out of our mouths. We use nouns and adjectives and adverbs and verbs and link them all together to relay our thoughts. We speak these words in a familiar language in sentences hopefully the listener will understand.
Popular words appear and become overused in phrases or quotes or a dull response from the uninformed. “Awesome” is one of those words. Every thing from losing a job or getting married to wrecking your car to having a baby was “Awesome”.
Many words create anxiety or stress but few bring us laughter. Words like ‘rainbow’ and ‘unicorn’ and ‘kittens’ can bring temporary smiles but are hard to combine in a normal sentence.
I will recommend ‘monkey’. 
It is an easy word to say and can be fit into so many types of situations. There is ‘monkey business’ or ‘monkey around’. You can even substitute other words like ‘everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey’.
It is a word that will guarantee to bring a smile and change the conversation or message in the most delightful way. Try it.
“Let go of my monkey” or “Excuse me, I forgot my monkey” could become part of your daily language. Using the word ‘monkey’ will increase your vocabulary and responses with a smile.
Warning: Don’t use the word to reticule or demean someone else because you never know when he or she will release his or her monkeys. 

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