Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Let's Take A Walk

You would be surprised

Here is your challenge. Turn off the television. Shut down the computer. Turn off your phone. Put away all your musical devices. Stand up. Walk out the door and keep walking.
Walking is only falling forward and catching yourself and repeat. It is not difficult and is as natural as breathing. We’ve been doing it for years.
Walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Walk to the refrigerator during commercial breaks. Walk the dog and pick up the newspaper and mail. Walk on the ice and sometimes fall.
Walking is a simple art we have practiced since we left the water. Walking gets us from place to place and though it may be slow, it is constant.
One of the first things we learn is to walk. We walk when we still poop in our pants. Once we learn the motion of one foot in front of another, off we good with our parents chasing us.
We then invented many machines and vehicles to get us from one point to another faster and easier and more comfortable than the plodding of footsteps. We have become so independent on this mobile machines we pave paradise and rape the earth to provide these machines a path for our convenience while constantly refueling their every want.
So my simple challenge is to step out of your normal world and take a walk. You can even take along a friend.
You don’t have to have any particular place to go, just wander. Think of it as exploring new places. It may be the same path traveled but I guarantee you will see new things.
Rather than speeding by, there is time to observe the details that are normally just blurs.
Walking means you are all alone with the elements. No matter where you go for how long, you are on your own. If it starts to get cold, you put your hands in your pockets and turn up your collar. If it rains, you get wet until you find shelter.
No matter where you walk or how far, remember you have to turn around to go back.
So why would anyone want to walk?
There is a pace to walking. Not jogging or running, but a simple step-by-step walking. The length of the legs creates the pendulum of the gait that is comfortable for each of us.
Our hearts create our pace and off we go.
Side note: I do recommend comfortable sturdy walking shoes.
There is no need to hike unless you want to mix the natural adventure with rugged territory. Most towns have a path set up for pedestrians and in a rural setting, just take a stroll down a back road.
So what is walking good for?
Well it gets you from place to place at no cost. It may take more time but the upside is you can enjoy the walk. In the winter you can bundle up in scarves and mittens and see your breath as you talk. In the summer you can feel the sweat running down your back and know you are actually exercising.
You can walk to unknown places and stop in a local establishment for a cup of coffee and meet unknown strangers who become friends. You can stop and stand still and learn a new appreciation of the sights and sounds that go on around you everyday. You may, if you are paying attention, be surprised by all the activities of your furry and feathered neighbors. Who knew?
If you take a friend, the conversation between you will be like no other. Without interruptions brings a chance for confessionals. If the journey is long enough unusual subjects like “If there is water on Mars, can you surf?” or “Should I marry her if she is having your baby?” may override the mundane discussions.
You can walk in the morning or walk at night. There are no restrictions on how far you can walk. You can take a break during your walk and rest.
So let’s take a walk.

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