Wednesday, March 30, 2016

“I’m Pregnant”

* From a previous English post and yet topical again.

We all know from our Sex-Ed classes what causes this but we didn’t think it would happen to us. Then again we might have skipped that page?
No matter how much fun and excitement and passion and sweat and all that stuff happened in the moment, there are results.
Our lust of entangled bodies has shared bodily fluids and the results cannot be reversed. Our blind love has consequences.
Some say it is the moment of ‘growing up’ and some say it is a ‘reality check’. Either way, your life has changed and her life has changed.
Whether intended or not, there was some very adult decisions to be made.
Marriage? OBGYN? Baby clothes and carts and beds and toys and all that stuff fill your dreams?
And what about names of a growing lump in her tummy?
Suddenly her parents become grandparents and much more familiar with you. And your parent’s hope for the best but don’t expect more than what they already know you can do.
Some couples enjoy this moment. Some couples strive for this moment through modern science. Some couples fear the results.
While the neighborhood is filled with mothers pushing pride of procreation, not everyone is ready for the commitment of bringing another life into this world.
While some men walk away leaving the results of their passion to be the mother’s responsibility, others take responsibility for their actions.
Knowing your passionate partner might not be a good fit for a maternal mate or that the thought of raising a child when you are yet not far from that description, options are explored.
Whatever the most emotional decision is decided upon, there is no turning back.
Remember that the next ‘Happy Birthday’ party.

* I have been on only one side of this topic so I can't disagree or agree with another opinions on this issue. Since it has been brought up again, even after laws are passed for women to decide hopefully with their partner and then the politics get involved complicating an already emotional decision while strangers taunt and shame in the name of their interpretations of religions that are designed to have forgiveness and love as it's basics,  a personal decision that is the most difficult anyone could make, my thought is what is the pro-life philosophy on the judicial death penalty? Is killing another human murder?

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