Monday, March 21, 2016

She Makes Me Smile

With all the definitions of relationships and how a couple interacts I came upon this. She makes me smile.
It is a little thing but down deep it is the most important.
Why become a couple if we don’t find that special reason to enjoy each other.
Sure there are all that talk about love and affections and passion and the rest, but there is that something that can’t be defined that make it special.
For me, it is the smile.
I can relate it to those who have puppies and kittens and babies and feel the warmth of pure pleasure when they play and seem to be enjoying themselves. I can relate to some but not to others, but for another person living with you day after day after day becoming your routine like coffee in the morning and doing the dishes or laundry or fussing about who takes the garbage out, it is different.
That one person you have decided to share your living space with. That one who means you will take the grief and laugh at the jokes and give a shoulder to the tears.
You get to know that person maybe for a brief moment or a lifetime and they are still strangers. That person who would drool on your pillows or fight for the remote but when all is said and done will share the popcorn for the late night movie.
What makes them so special?
Everyone has his or her own definition but for me it is the smile.
 Not so much the smile on their face but the smile within. There is probably some clinical define for that feeling but it is what make me whole.
On aware of my presence, I view another person who is involved in her projects or designs or passions without prejudice or fear and given the time and space to explore freely. It brings a smile.
Sometimes they are pre-planned experiments hoping for the reaction of joy but the best are the random views into another’s soul and know that you have provided the time and space and supplies to accomplish her dreams.
And that brings the smile.
Most times she never knew I was watching and sometimes I got caught with a big grin. It was a moment not soon forgotten in the daily grind of life.
A smile means so much to a stranger. A smile brings closeness to a friend. A smile cannot be associated with anger.

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