Sunday, May 1, 2016

Alone With Your Thoughts

Riding a bicycle is an exceptional experience. There is the peddling to keep going forward and the wide-eyed attention to details of potholes, open doors and passing traffic but there is so much more.
Once into the cadence of the travel the outside world turns off and you are alone with your thoughts. I think the same thing happens when riding a horse or long road trips without the radio on.
The mind clears itself and gets into the rhythm of the present. The heart beats different. The breathing is fuller. The senses become more aware of the surroundings. 
The road is ever changing and the shadows and light lead the way for every revolution is another adventure.
So without distractions your mind is left alone with your thoughts.
All those personal things you would never tell anyone else can be contemplated with no need for a solution. Strange thoughts that only venture in dreams can be reviewed with a wonder of where they come from.
Subjects like: “Who thought of that?” may fill the mind. As you press one foot down and then another, you ponder issues seen on the Internet or comments made or just questions with no answers.
Today’s subject brought on the “Who thought of that?” It started with an announcement of a death. Some guy who produced or directed or created the Veg-a-matic or Rondo products or something like that had died. Of course, I couldn’t find it again, but it made me remember ‘Infro-mercials’. Those strange half hour programs between sports and bad sitcoms with some guy showing the wonders of the creative minds to sell to America.
Not the normal newspaper ads with coupons or a brief TV or radio spot trying to capture your dollar, this was a spot in time that became entertainment asking for your money.
Much of these had to do with food preparation, so I must assume their direct audience was marketed for women. A comfortable white guy in an apron sliced and diced and cut and steamed and used some sort of appliance or utensil that must be purchased to make the dining experience even better.
Then I broadened the range of thoughts.
Who thought of aluminum siding? Who thought of the transistor? Who the heck thought we could type on machines that did not require paper to communicate?
So I think of what history I know and what became of it.
After the war, yes, the second one, a bunch of horny guys came back alive and were told by the church to get married before sex. Well, babies happened so homes had to be built and suburbia was created. So all these guys who were not shooting a nips or nazies, went off to war as teens and had to be trained to work. Luckily the US had thrown itself into the war production and could easily train someone with little education how to convert a parachute manufacture to making off-the-rack suits or move the tank manufacture to build classy automobiles or hire a bunch of teachers to fill the ever expanding schools. As our incomes started to prosper with our celebration of survival, new ideas appeared that were attainable. A president who wanted a pathway for troops to be able to quickly respond to the cold war threat created the highway systems. This winding roads lead to the expansion of the automobile traveling to visit grandma and then a whole industry of vacations. When it was too slow to drive the flight industry increased and all was fuels by oil. Appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, color televisions became mandatory for all family status. Aluminum siding covered up all the old classical architecture and someone invented double knit. Then someone created the transistor and everything started getting faster and smaller and portable.
This are just a few examples of someone or a few out there who came up with an idea and crafted it to sell to a bank or someone with investment qualities to manufacture and market until all the rest of us had to have it. Some succeeded. Some failed. 
Then you notice the rain is coming and it is time to get home and feed the bunnies before going inside and being alone again…
..With your thoughts.

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