Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Motivational Speaker

Have you seen any of the TedX talks? They are refreshing presentations on topics from everything under the sun. Do they motivate you?
Back in the day, a motivational speaker was my father saying if I didn’t get out of bed he was going to throw cold water on me.
My teachers provided history, mathematical formulas, grammar that was required to be regurgitated. The motivation to learn was to pass onto the next grade or fail and be held back while all your friends moved on. Now these poorly paid professionals are substitute parents, law enforcement, dietary and medical assistants trying to motivate the distracted youth into an unknown future.
The best motivations speakers are preachers. Here is a person who stands in front of a congregation of people and promotes eternal peace. There are no data charts or factual history but they read chapter and verse from whichever book is acceptable to motivate people to donate their hard earned cash to their building, salary, and good deeds for the poor without a receipt.
The armed services must have the best motivational speakers. They can recruit the disadvantage and unskilled with the promise of being fed and clothed and trained. Then they break it to you that all those exotic foreign lands they offered to deliver you to would have people there shooting at you, and you were expected to shoot back. It must be a special motivational skill for officers to order people into certain danger and possible death.
Worthwhile employers will have motivational speeches. They will tout the companies’ achievements and further growth to inspire the workers to work harder and faster without offering any additional benefits for their efforts. The best motivational speakers were the ones who told the workforce their salaries would be reduce due to a bad economy but things will turn around with constant effort.
Advertisers are some of the best motivational speakers. They present promises for better breath or faster cars or cleaner laundry if you part with your money for their brand. Unlike preachers, the advertiser has a physical product or service to offer in exchange for your monetary offering.
Not all motivational speakers have the best intentions. Some motivate others to perform unspeakable acts.
Yet some motivational speakers can offer just the right solution to someone in need. Invest in a retirement plan, mediation, marriage counseling can be recommended by a professional presentation or a close friend. It is up to each individual to decide whether the promise of a better life is smoke and mirrors or not.
So now comes to the presidential debates. Their goal is to convince you the public through words to elect them the leader of a nation.
Where is the motivation?
Plenty of questionable numbers and accusations are presented debuting the other political candidates but what is the motivational message?
Where is the vision of schools or transportation or balancing the massive budget? Does anyone present a plan to repair the infrastructure or increase employment beyond the minimal wage or accept that illegal aliens are the ones who are keeping our food cost down? What about the poor and the disabled and unskilled who are wandering around looking for economic scrapes?
 There will always be war and poor and the campaigns are focused on the masses that support has enough income to survive.
No matter the ideology a presentation of two people vying for an esteemed office will appear on screen and whatever prejudices one will listen and reflect.

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