Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ah Ha!

When was your last ‘Ah Ha!’ moment? I don’t know about you but I seem to have one everyday.
Maybe with more time on my hands or time to spare for deep thoughtcus, I hear a word or a sentence or see a shadow or a flash of light or suddenly notice what was always there and go ‘Ah Ha!’ It somehow matches my present reality and psychological philosophy with a heavy dash of reflective madness.
That moment can be painful like the time you put your hand on the stove even though your caring parents told you not to and you did it anyway just to see if they were a bunch of liars and “Ouch” followed quickly by ‘Ah Ha!’ They were telling the truth this time.
Yet at some point in your miserable childhood you want to break the bonds of their domination for you have had an ‘Ah Ha!’ that you and only you are smart enough to make your own decisions.
So at first you start smoking where they can’t see you and as you get bolder you come home drunk, but your rebellion has consequences. ‘Ah Ha!’
You get grounded, lose television privileges, your phone is taken away and you must cut the grass and wash and dry and put away the dishes. Not so smart as you thought.
Puberty comes along and another ‘Ah Ha!’ moment. There is a difference. And that also has consequences when the babies start popping out. Why didn’t somebody tell me that?
So the decision to run to continue your wonted lustful ways you can continue to seek pleasure and pain but the phone requires recharging and the light bill must be paid and when the rent is due you are grounded in the harsh reality of life.
No amount of outrageous thoughts or spiritual awakenings can prepare you for a cold dark alley sleeping with the rodents. ‘Ah Ha!’
The decision to accept responsibility and find gameful employment as a respectable addition to the community is another ‘Ah Ha!’ moment.
To be an outstanding member of society requires conformity so this is a democracy and the masses rule. ‘Ah Ha!’
Some embrace this fact early and other skirt and resist it as long as possible. You’ll understand when you grow up. ‘Ah Ha!’
There may come a time in life when you wondered why your parents never talked about their feelings of politics or religion then you realize they probably were and you were not listening. ‘Ah Ha!’
You may remember her touch and taste and smell of her hair but you can’t remember her eye color. ‘Ah Ha!’
Was there a time when you spent all your efforts trying to impress a girl but she was interested in another all the while ignoring the stares from the girl in the shadows trying to get your attention? ‘Ah Ha!’
That terrible break up when you thought her world would end only to find she remarried (maybe several times) and had a grand old time without you? ‘Ah Ha!’
When you think you have your emotions under control only to cry like a baby at beer commercials? ‘Ah Ha!’
Logically realizing that your company is sliding downhill but feel you are indispensible until the pink slip comes. ‘Ah Ha!’
You feel great and think you are getting enough exercise and eating correctly until your doctor tells you pay for an expensive operation or die. ‘Ah Ha!’
When you realize that all the movements and foundations and goodwill of humanity is fodder for those in power who make the decisions. They represent those who pay for them lock, stock, and barrel and no ranting or raving or marching or sign painting will change the reality that this country is owned and run on oil and pharmacies with numbing entertainment to keep the masses subdued filling minds with nonsense and bodies with junk food and have the largest security force in the world to protects their actions with your tax money. ‘Ah Ha!’
If you don’t believe check the Gospel according to Samuel in the Good Book. What? There is no Samuel? Then write your own. ‘Ah Ha!’

[Editor's Note] There IS a book of Samuel, actually two in the Old Testament of the Good Book. Then check the book of Lance or Dirk or Chuck or Hank or Sally? Sally?

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