Friday, April 7, 2017

Think I’ll Get Drunk Tonight

No, you don’t plan these things; you just wind up doing it. There was wine in the frig and there was time on my hands. I won’t be the first time. I assume it won’t be the last.
There have been many nights with parties as accuse to party hardy and then wake up the next day paying the piper. Praying to the porcelain God is not unknown.
So tonight after the usual amount of alcohol delivered in tin cans I will reopen the wine provided for a friend during a porch talk and finish it off.
Now wine is just grape juice with a kick and I’ve had the best and the worst. I’ve had the finest and the emptied the boxes.
So tonight with full knowledge I will empty the bottle.
Will this make me be a stumble and a surlier and relive my young life? Not really for experience knows its limits. I’ll probably just go to sleep if I can get back to the house without falling.
Tomorrow I will wake up (maybe somewhat foggy) but I’m a experienced expert on getting wasted.
So tonight might be a new wonder or the same old trip.
See you tomorrow.

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