Saturday, May 6, 2017

Born Again

In some Christian movements to be born again is to undergo a “spiritual rebirth”, or a regeneration of the human spirit from the Holy Spirit. This is contrasted with the physical birth everyone experiences.
In contemporary Christian usage, the term is distinct from similar terms used to refer to being or becoming Christian, linked to baptism.
The phrase “born again” is also used as an adjective to describe individual members of the movement who espouse this belief, as well as the movement itself (“born-again Christian” and the “born-again movement”).
Understand having a term for a life-changing event like ‘married’ or ‘pregnant’ or ‘arrested’ but to be born-again? Being born the first time is a long difficult experience but to be born-again? Better ask your mom first.
So if a junkie can kick the habit, are they ‘born-again’. If an alcoholic stays on the wagon, are they ‘born-again’. If a domestic abuser can learn to play nice, are they ‘born-again’?
If the term ‘born-again’ is a start-over, how many times can you be born-again?
If a ‘born-again’ is a do-over, do you start all over again and repeat events and try to correct your previous mistakes until you get it right or reach nirvana? Do you just continue with society and make new decisions and possible worst mistakes? Is ‘born-again’ a rebirth or a renewal? Maybe it really is eternal life?
And can you die-again?

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