Saturday, May 6, 2017

It’s All About The Sex

People always wonder what life is about?
It is easy.
It’s all about the sex.
Forget all that stuff about the meaning of life and the meaningful accomplishments and educational teachings and scientific surprises and cultural wonders; we are all here for the sex.
There must be some reason why we have different plumbing?
We are placed on this blue marble in space to make more of us.
It is all we are good at and it feels good.
It is all we are interested in.
Don’t think so? Take a look around you.
Advertising is based on sex. Television and movies are based around sex. Books are read for sex. Even the Bible is titillated with sex.
Fashion? Sex. Celebrities? Sex. Scantily clad girls at sporting events? Sex. Motels? Sex. Bars? Sex. Porn? Sex obviously and very popular.
From the beginning our different bodies were kept apart until we found the sex. It was never the purpose of procreation but expanding the population was just a consequence of sex.
Deviations to the accepted morals have always been part of our sex. All the gender swapping and transitions and whatever else we do with our bodies has been in the shadows not discussed in polite company but enjoyed by all.
Sex can shame or be used as a weapon. Sex is a rite of passage but has emotional and physical repercussions.
Relax. It is inevitable.

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