Thursday, August 24, 2017

Where To Put Them?

So now the decision is getting serious and the monuments are coming down and being carted to some unknown destination. Where are you going to put them?
Well they could be melted down and the scrap metal sold but I’m not sure the cost would equal the reward. They could be put in with old cars and crushed into a pile of lost cause memories with some flecks of a ’68 Desota. They could be placed in former battlefields of men in blue and men in gray forming long lines and running at each other until the end of the day the remainders returned to where they started to eat hardtack and sleep in the dirt before walking to another location to do it all over again. Here the graves of the heritage can have their leaders but they may become downsized due to federal budget. They could be placed in cemeteries but that would only make headstones another monument.
They could be moved to the museum district but there is very little empty land available for so many huge statues to be stacked together. They could be placed out of sight but that goes back to the trash heap.
So here is an idea.
Sell them to the people who want to save them.
For whatever reason these people think these monuments should still be revered, let them have a bygone icon that’s usage is over, have them.
Let them pay for the dismantling and moving and do whatever they want with them. It won’t cost the state a penny except for the clean up. Problem solved, right?
These statues could wind up in Shopping Malls trying to draw curious shoppers or become weather vanes on farms. They could become oversized carousal horses in some weird theme park.
I’d take one. With a few licenses and permits and a tight fit, I’d put one in the back yard. Be the first in your neighborhood. What a conversation lawn ornament at your next soiree.
In a few years it could be covered by ivy and appear like some ancient figure out of some begotten time like the castles in Europe or the Pyramids.
Some statues you think have gone away but can still be purchased and placed on the lawn to remind your neighbors the story goes on.

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