Friday, September 22, 2017

It is time to escape

Reality is tough so we like to escape.
Books, movies, theme parks, vacations, video games, music festivals, social media and much, much more are all escapism from what we do day-by-day. We travel to far off lands, venture into the future and review the past. We escape in a crowd or to solidarity. We escape the mundane with laughter, tears and maybe even love. We create all sorts of potions and concoctions to assist us escape.
Our escapes, however brief, are our expressions to others of how much fun we have. What books are you reading? What movies do you like? Have you seen this television show or heard this music?
Now that is a better discussion than dirty diapers and flat tires.
The joy of living on this planet is the unusual occurrences that happen everyday. That wallet that someone dropped creates an adventure. The crow baby in the road you pick up to move. Walking home in a storm and watching lightning knock a branch off a tree in front of you. Picking a branch of willow to wrap around your hat for a year. The laughter enjoyed folding laundry together. The once in a lifetime experience of lying on the wet grass and watching a meteor shower in the middle of the night are all momentary highlights that can’t be purchased.
These moments are just how life works. Maybe we think we are too busy to enjoy them but when we get older those are the memories that count.
At the end, the final escape, the money, houses, cars, travels, power and status won’t matter. The scrapbook holds the fun and pain and smiles and tears of life.

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