Saturday, November 8, 2008

Budget Cuts

With the down economy, the city budget cuts of millions of dollars are taking notice.

The first notice to it's citizens is a reduction in leaf removal. The trucks and rakes and brooms won't come out except once in December to remove leaves from the streets.

So the city residents are requested to bag the leaves themselves or preferred to compost.

While this cut might save time and money, it affects me in another way.

Leaves clutter the street. They blow into piles. The bright yellow and reds turn brown. Then it rains. And the leaves that so brightened the fall, turn to mush in the winter darkness.

Riding a bicycle is an act of balance and momentum. Part of the balance is getting traction on a wet pavement covered in mush leaves. And braking!! Slide.

So this new budget cut, while saving money, may be life threatening. Time to put my headlight on my helmet.

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