Saturday, November 15, 2008


There are many names that cross your path.

Commonwealth, Woodlawn, Sauer, Antium, Malvern, Layfayette, Revelle, Hamilton.

Names you've known for years.

Thompson, Nansmond, Rosenealth, Tilden, Cleveland, Belmont, Sheppard, Colonial, Boulevard.

Some are speed bumps to life, some carry you to new adventures, some just cross your path and disappear in the distance.

Mulberry, Robinson, Davis, Stafford, Strawberry, Shields, Rowland, Meadow, Grandby, Allen, Vine, Lombardy.

Every day you pass over these names enshrined in blue and brown. While others may not recognize them or even notice, they are there every day.

Plum, Harvie, Brunswick, Harrison, Shafer, Laurel, Vine, Belvidere

Names who are forgotten from the local scene, but familiar in addresses.

Henry, Monroe, Madison, Jefferson, Adams, Foushee,....

and at the end of the day, the reverse list appears before you to travel. Names that are with you every day.

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