Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Now That's Funny

Stopped at ye ole hangout spot on the way home from a busy day of work to have a few laughs with a writer friend...and it was his treat!

The day had been prepared as a pre-flight/ commercial/ troubleshoot/ data/ fix/ download/ ftp/ tone/ create/ advise.... kind of a day. But it turned into more of a backward crawl. My favorite "interruptions" filled the day, even getting the soup cold.

So why not a stop for a brew or two and a few laughs.

The Rust man had already settled into a booth with menus, table setting, and an empty glass. But he had a smile, so I unpacked my travel gear and settled into the wooden booth. After picking up the knife I knocked on the floor and wiping the sweat from my brow I said, "Hi!"

Looking around impatiently he responded, "I can't find our waiter. I would have already had two beers by now, but I don't know where he's gone."

That started a conversation about bad restaurants and service. The first of the laughs. It moved to the video entertainment industry that wants your business but won't stock the films you request.

Finally a young lad with short hair and a fresh but confused face arrived. "Another...?" "And I'll have a Bass ale." As he turned to run back to the kitchen or bar or wherever he found a place to hide, "...and I think we are ready to order." I said opening the menu. Rusty gave me the first order. "Hamburger, medium rare, no cheese, lettuce, tomato, and fries." "We put mayonnaise on it, is that OK?" he said shyly. "Sure." "Steak and cheese and fries for me", the Rust man said. "You mean the steak sub?" even more shyly (if that was possible) the wait boy questioned. "Yes... sure, the steak and sub and ...." stammered on.

Then down to business. No business, just information swapping between sips of dark ales and laughter, catching glances of the cute ladies dressed in goth sitting at the bar who would glance back with a smile while the Rust man would catch glimpse of the TV hanging on the wall.

Stories of the Florida keys, crazy driving home, strange families, and a little work venting. The sandwiches were hot and fulfilling. And the suds kept being replenished, but the salad never arrived.

More laughs and eye contact with the girl behind the Rust man. Another smile. That's all it takes.

After many good tales the time had come to pack up and travel on. Ha! The people behind me got up and walked to the other half of the building. "I think we upset them with ferret stories." Rusty observed. Ha! Ha! "Let's follow them and set next to them over there." Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

This dude and I should not be left alone... together. Maybe a road trip to Lauderdale might be good for both of us.

Thanks for a couple of hours of laughs and good eats, drinks and times.

Next time it's my treat.

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