Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wired Wednesday

Usual wake up call by Buffy at sunrise. Wait a few more minutes. She lays down on my pillow and rest. The thoughts dream but the body twitches.

So finally arise with the sun and feed the puppy and refresh the water, then a bottle of water to watch bad news coverage in the kitchen. Bowl of Cheerios finished by the puppy.

Clean up the litter box and off for my morning ride. I travel a little earlier than usual. There is more traffic before 8, but I adjust.

Take the roads, which have been announced to be resurfaced before the hot asphalt arrives. Just orange cones make the placement of a new and hopefully smooth roadway.

As I ride back and forth I think about working in this heat. Summer has hit Richmond and my shirt is already wet. Summer in the city crosses my mind. Good reason for the water bottles on both bikes. Wonder why Rowlett’s hasn’t called about the request to change the handlebars?

The usual characters cross my path this morning, with young girls and dogs and young girls and baby strollers and the ever-present white trucks.

Missed a few streets because my mind was not in the game.

On return and the cool down, Cody Bear presented me with a baby rabbit. He ate the head.

Two bottles of water and the newspaper, I’m reading the headlines and little else. Most of the news is not important and the newspaper is already two days late in the coverage.

There are five more bags of junk mail, old bills, writings and recordings, boxes, and containers.

A storm is coming, you can smell the rain, and 12 bullets are down.

Thank goodness for music.

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