Friday, July 31, 2009

Storms a comin'

The sky is darkening and the trees dance in the warm breezes. The chimes ring announcing the upcoming rain and wind. It is summer in Virginia and the storms blow through every afternoon. So the electronic communication devices will be shut down and the yard checked for blow away materials. The rain will help clear the humid air until the sun comes out again and steams the jungle. Cody Bear has been fed a can of tuna and he ate the entire thing. Two more trash cans full of forgotten memories and wanted dreams.

But music is a distraction of every day matters. Making a few CDs for tomorrows "Geezer Jam" and seeing if it reflects the thoughts of the day.

The first thought of the day was "fowl mouth". I had a dream about that word, even with a song which I forgot but I remember a noun or an adjective. Funny word.

Well the rain is here, so it's time to shut down before the electricity begins.

Just another day in just another life.

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