Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Checked in or Checked out?

When things get

a little rough

and overwhelming….

it may be time to get warm….

So take a break and go to another land. A familiar place from far ago.
The patience necessary to make a brief stay on such a long trip must keep in mind the holiday and the emotions surrounding it.

Finally a room, television, coffee machine, and desk. This is all I need.

The water is hot and the shower was the most refreshing in several months. Revitalized, I can have a hot meal and cold drinks. It's nice to know that holidays still bring complimentary beverages.

Watching public service television discuss the "holy holiday" I can walk around the room in my skives. So this is what a warm room is about.

The sleep is difficult and the dreams of strange parties at Joel's are haunting.

The day was cold but sunny. I wander streets so new yet a part of my past.

A trio of hawks escorted me on my journey. They called at one another, flying shadow on my path to tall perches watching my every move. Perhaps I was stirring their dinner or they were my posse.

Faces showed panic and hurried as if to catch up on days gone by, too late to accomplish their final wish. What little traffic I saw was distracted with phones and text and holiday stress.
I found the spot near a pond where the ducks gather as they did three decades ago. Surrounding me to enjoy the feast and I enjoying their company.

Christmas came early this year. I may not make it to Maymont, but this will moment in the cold and snow will suffice.

So rest to return to reality.

…for it will all be there tomorrow.

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Rus Wornom said...

Stay warm. Enjoy your time away. Breathe deep and relax. Stay at least one more day than you had planned. Sleep late, sleep well.