Thursday, December 17, 2009

Never Easy part two

After spending a day standing up going through boxes of papers, letters, notes, photos, messages, bills, drawings....etc. I've decided to sit down. PHEW!

Standing in the cold shuffling papers while two men hammered and puffed and pulled pipes in the house, was entertained by Christmas tapes and CDs (getting tired of this music) and became an inner journey of 30 years with one woman.

Creating a small pile of photos and writings, I separated the rest to a shred pile and a trash bag pile.

The sun moved across the sky as box after box was emptied and tossed into a pile of their own.

Letters from my mother to her mother about the missing uncle in WWII, the 1983 wedding book, the 90's health problem culminating in the 2002 heart attack, and the ever repetitive copies of notes and print outs to doctors and herself about her lack of health and dreams filled my reading task.

And yet, there is still no hot water. The gas has been turned off at the street, so the city must be called to reinstate the fuel.

The other little project, to replace the kitchen down drain, turned into an estimate to replace a bunch of pipes.

So at the end of the day, I have a sore back, a bunch of plaster wall missing, no kitchen sink, lots of pipes running out of the foundation, no gas, squirrels in the attic, lots of bags of trash, a small pile of photos and notes, and the thought of replacing the master joist of this money drain.

Tomorrow is another day, so sleep well with a few adult drinks, leave the bathroom dripping, and await for the snow with a small electric heater.

The positive look is the amount of trash created. The negative look....?

Just another life is never easy.

Sleep well tonight.


Art said...

Life is never easy. It is, however, all that we have. Put snow tires on the bike, and your mukluks by the fire.

Rus Wornom said...

Ain't got no extra bed, but you're welcome to come stay warm with us.