Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day five of the snow of December 2009

The 9 o’clock bird alarm announces time to rise, dress, and view the sunshine.

Today will be a new adventure.

Coffee and fruit, the weather report, then a quick attack up the 13 steps, several bags of magazines, letters, photos, drawings, newspaper clippings.

Another cup of coffee (unplug the hot water) and take the bags out to the trash. Dig out the wet boxes covered with snow and pile them on top of the broken umbrella.

Now the adventure begins. Pack a sack with a laptop, change of shirts, and some health care items, and then start a new journey.

No direction, no reservations, just the goal of a hot water bath and a room with heat.


TripleG said...

If you're headed here, we're just back from the grocery and have many goodies and spirits of all types. And hot water.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're out and about! It's the only cure for cabin fever!

LoveBug said...

Our hot water and heat are waiting for you!!! Oh yeah, and our open arms too :)