Friday, May 21, 2010


A person sent me a comment of my not paying for electricity (due to over payments) and stated I was expanding my "camping mode".

I laughed, and then thought about it.

I am in "camping mode".

Camping. Taking only the necessities and surviving off the land.

I realize I do not mind some of the inconveniences of camping.

Dirt, bugs, wearing the same clothes day after day, not bathing until your eyes water, and adjusting to nature with heat, snow and rain.

I camped out some when I was growing up. The scouts provided the beginning training of dealing with the wilderness, then sailing camp was a month of survival with others. A friend of mine camped with his family. This was totally amazing to me. Not only were they a "family", but they went into the wilderness together, depending on each other to provide the basic elements of life.

So maybe she was right. I am camping.

There are four walls around and the basic necessaries of water, light and food are accessible. The rain is kept out and the limited warmth is kept in.

And every day the sun arises to awake me and sets to put me asleep.

That is all that is needed.

I've had the silk sheets, cool breezes and warm waters, but it is not necessary to live.

More work to be done, but the "camping mode" is comfortable and until the maid service arrives, this will be way of life.

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cj said...

You continue to amaze me.