Friday, May 7, 2010

New Neighbors

The neighbors behind me had left last week in a truck way to small for four people without a goodbye. The yard was free of the tools and play items. Only empty trashcans and dark windows. I guess the twins were getting to school age.

The sign in front of the house had stated "under contract", but I hadn't seen any action for a week.

During my morning travels this morning, I noticed a large flatbed truck parked in front of the empty house. On the back of the truck were large, uniform, wood crates.

Blankets were being laid on the yard by professional movers in blue shirts.

I didn't see anyone else but I figured since the front door was open, these crates and their contents were moving in.

I've never seen personal belongings crated and shipped in such a manner. These crates were the size used for museum pieces.

Perhaps they were works of art? Perhaps they were filled with high tech computer gear? Maybe these crates were full of delicate medical equipment or possibly the world's biggest television screen.

Who are the people who will be living so close to me? Another family with small children and a dog? Another single guy who has a massive amount of electronic equipment used in his secret top security lab? Perhaps an older couple with years of collected treasures?

I guess my wish for Swedish stewardess or college cheerleaders is out, but it will be interesting to see new people in the neighborhood.


Art said...

When you see wooden crates, you got two likely options:
1. international shipment, or,
2. items have been in stroage for a long while.
In either case, enjoy the new neighbors.


Rus Wornom said...

Big wooden crates? Vampires. Definitely vampires.

LoveBug said...

I thought you were just wishing for a neighbor with an unsecure WIFI connection ;-)