Monday, May 24, 2010

Evening Ride

After a successful day of another check off and renewed energy, I decided to go out for an evening ride.

The clouds were orange, meaning a breeze coming in from the east (old sailors note) and rain would be here soon (old weather report).

Down the slope and enjoying the fresh air, a turn right onto Peace drive. The mobile machines are back in place, much like they were when I took an early morning ride.

I watched the doors to the little boxes open and men and women walked determined to their mobile boxes in casual garb to face the Monday chore. Young men leaving early to impress the business of how many hours could be wasted in Izod apparel only assigned to the yachting crowd with a light sweater arms wrapped around the neck, now representative of the Richmond elite. Women hurried their children to keep the schedule and seemed all too stressed for such an early hour. I could almost hear the alarm clocks going off forcing the weekend to be over.

To my glee the bunnies still munched on the clover, not surprised as I silently passed. The usual characters in their gray fuzzy coats scampered about under the diving acrobatics singers. Even a wildly raccoon was scurrying into a drain while the sun was up.

Just as I was deciding whether to go on as the darkness grew, the sprinkle of rain fell, making the decision much easier.

After a productive day of installing porch lights, ceiling fans, taking down walls, cleaning pond pumps and a relaxing ride, sleep will gather strength for another mission tomorrow.

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