Monday, January 24, 2011

Don’t Go There

While “Just Another Life” is an ongoing mystery unfolding into new adventures everyday, there are many subjects, either through life experiences or lack of interest, I will not write about.

I vow not to wander into politics, entertainment, fashion, or other trite subjects that have become such a bore. Many are simple fillers of time and others will roll along without me using this space as a forum for comments. Media invading every aspect of our beings with details of useless excessive reports on these subjects provides more than enough coverage. The opinions of the acknowledged knowledgeable heads can easily be dismissed or avoided. The consequences remain the same.

Every organization designed to present information have created topics according following business, politics, sports, entertainment, food, travel, health, family, books, religion, education, and art. With the expectation of keeping up-to-date and fluent in these subjects the constant varied discussions are presented to each being on this planet that tends to pay attention.

Business is business. Manufacturing, distributing, marketing, selling and buying goods and services fosters the desire for an ongoing demand for a new, better, different, hip, comfortable lifestyle. Money is made by those innovative enough to inspire the human spirit and crafty enough to profitably produce trends.

Politics, in its dream world, is creating rules for the masses to obey to maintain a civil existence. The few who apply for public service representing the majority of those who wish to partake in the voting process, must comprehend a multitude of views requested for action. It is also a business.

Sport is entertainment, just like dancing, singing, eating fire, or driving a car at high speeds. What was called a “game” is now, also a business. Follow your banner and celebrate if your tribe defeats the enemy.

Other entertainment such as news, media presentation, commentaries, talent contest and viewing reality are a business directed, produced, and manipulated by advertisers and sponsors. As in the roman circus, the thumbs up or down are done on a remote.

Food, the preparation, presentation, and consumption is a necessary to maintain life, yet an industry of books, television shows, restaurants, and entertainment stars have moved a simple pleasure into a mass media business.

Travel has expanded within a lifetime. Traveling the continent on dirt paths has grown into an industry of black ribbons tying every town and village together in a never-ending web fed by fossil fuel. The entire globe is within reach, for those with means, yet the desire for exploration is easily satisfied by a click of the mouse.

Books were precious and kept in secure libraries, to be offered for a brief viewing by members. The words fed our minds with wondrous thoughts and dreams, only to be overwhelmed by the tsunami wasteland. Unrestricted ability to obtain words, sentences, and thoughts has turned an educational process into an abbreviated chat.

Education, the teaching of wisdom and motivation for innovation, has deteriorated over the decades to the point, possibly of no return. While some still view the training importance and stress their young to succeed at any cost, the responsibility of each individual to think is becoming a dying skill. Perhaps education should be a business?

Families with their marriages, births, gatherings, divorces, obituaries, feuds, and familiarities fill the air with constant status updates. Dysfunctional tribes with the same name follow their genealogy sharing images with others with a pride of accomplishment. The common thread of population growth, not to replace the fallen or increase the workforce, has covered the shrinking planet with poverty and disease.

Religion has taken a core value of our mysterious being, our inner faith in the unknown, and transformed personal beliefs into business. By joining the club in hopes of a better conclusion; the way is clear for the betterment of mankind, but there are too many clubs and they do not agree.

Art continues to fascinate. Every day surrounded by shapes, sounds, smells, color, light so many overlook, the view of the few who understand keeps my interest. Much of the presentation of art in all manner of forms is also a business; the process of creating beckons the question why more are not rewarded with the privilege to enjoy life.

That is enough of this extrapolation of life. It is time to clear the mind, swallow cold air, pump the engine and shake the webs out.

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