Saturday, January 22, 2011


The wondrous wizard speaks of things,
That has no meaning now
And gestures to his handmaiden,
Who nods, and courtly bows
Through the door to see the sorcerer,
Who’s been raising quite a row?
The nurse and I went for a walk,
To keep my toes alive
She said I was too old for dolls,
But I'm only sixty-five.
The ghost of Hamlet's father screams,
And hides inside a wall
Not to be seen by the sorcerer,
Returning from a ball
But, he saw him anyway, you know,
Magicians see us all.
Sister, sister, come and see,
My friends have come to play
They brought me jolly candy sticks,
Why not let them stay
Why do they go away?
The jester and the mighty king,
Have joined the great parade
Telling jokes and making laws,
That keeps us all afraid
But, then he gets his parts confused,
Which ends his sad charade.
The gallant knight comes dressed in white,
Advancing with his lance
And once we have been touched by it,
We lose the will to dance
The greatest warlock of them all,
Has but us in his spell
And sends us to our clean white cells,
Where we are asked to dwell.
(l.s.d. 1969)

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Rus Wornom said...

l.s.d.? Interesting stuff. Derivative of Zeppelin?