Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where’s The TV?

As in your very own home, nothing moves until the television is turned on.

First thing in the morning, the television is the excuse to find out what the latest breaking news, projected weather, and up-to-date traffic conditions that have occurred in the last few minutes that will affect our lives.

As coffee is prepared and outfits lay out as a preparation of the day’s assignments, the colors and flashes engulf the room like another living being.

Television has become another family member, waking us with pleasant looking people in well-prepared scripts to inform us over and over how their advertisers want to present what is called news, weather, sports, and entertainment to you.

All day, the images continue with game shows, talk shows, court shows, cooking shows and other conflicts between beings lacking skills for rightful employment. There is also an eminence volume of lawyers chasing ambulances and pharmaceutical manufactures products to entice the wary watching “daytime” tube.

After work, the television is welcomed as an old friend bringing the family together with its familiar message. All programming is designed to allow families to eat while watching, and then relax into a stupor of mindless dancing, stupid competitions, and violence.

With all the options of satellite and cable, the choices are endless, but the spectacular presentation overrides the quality of information.

The Internet has expanded a media realm of this beast, capturing eyes on laptops and phones with a never-ending waste of time, without interaction and deceptive withdrawal of communication between species.
So as the flicker fills the room in a soft blue light, does anyone remember how to turn the attack of this monster off?

Tomorrow the propaganda starts again, draining the human psyche into oblivion.

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