Thursday, February 10, 2011


That mysterious feeling hoping the unknown will work out. When the situation is out of your hands, there must be faith that the outcome will be favorable. Trusting people who you would not normally associate with to do the right thing. Through a handshake or a written contract or a phone message, you give the responsibility of all your worldly goods to a stranger. Logically you convince yourself this is the proper method to overcome what you cannot accomplish. The young behind dark glasses moving in a lettered mobile machine declare the confidence to tackle the devil and within a few days succeed the impossible. They bring the ultimate weapons and experience you could only guess at. To the ones you would worry about parking your car, you give them the keys to the palace. Before the sun arrives, you fret about the walls caving in, the water exploding, the pipes splitting, the ceiling falling in, or worse. Stressful anxiety paces the floor over the eggshells.

So to avoid the conversation underground by the mole men, you become a butterfly away from home.

Got to have faith.

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Rus Wornom said...

Strunk and White would advise you that "mobile machine" would be better written as "car."